Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's In A Color?

I have mentioned that I never wear my hair up because I desperately want to hide my ginormous ears. That is not entirely true. Sometimes my desire to look professional outweighs my desire to hide my ears and I wear my hair pulled back. I have a lot of hair, a lot of thick, kinda wavy hair which I usually blow dry straight and then curl with a curling iron. It's a miracle that this routine, combined with the amount of coloring, I do has not resulted in a head full of straw. My secret is Neutrogena shampoo, it's like 4 bucks a bottle and awesome.

Because I have so much hair, sometimes when I wear it down at work I end up looking more like Elle Woods rather than an actual serious lawyer. I have gotten a lot of, "you're the lawyer?!" "I'm old enough to be your mother!" "Wow, I can't believe you our lawyer, you look so young, did you just graduate?" "Have you even passed the bar yet?" Yes, I passed the bar and yes, I'm a lawyer. Don't let the hair fool you.

I have done many things that I thought made my appearance more professional and older looking. By older looking, I mean a look that says I know what I'm doing. I've dyed my hair brown and cut it short numerous times. This just ends up making me look mousy and not any more professional

This picture was taken the week before I started law school. I had cut off all my hair and dyed it dark brown so I would look like a serious law student. I look like a serious dork.


I also dyed my hair black at one point. I'm not sure what I was thinking. It definitely does not make me look more serious. I look more like a wannabe goth teenager. It was kinda fun though. I did make a hell of a mess with the black dye. This picture makes me want to have martinis with Rogue in San Francisco.

Then there was the fire engine red hair fiasco. I'm seriously surprised I kept my job with this color. At the time I was working at a firm that required women to wear panty hose. Not exactly progressive. My mother had a fit when she saw this picture. She said I ruined Ben and Leslie's wedding. I'm pretty sure one guest with a questionable dye job did not ruin the entire wedding.

Back to my original point, which was about trying to make my hair look professional. Stupid dirty martini made me lose my train of thought. I've decided that I was meant to be blond and that a neat ponytail is much more professional looking than a mousy brown mess. I took this picture myself this morning, that should explain the crappiness of it, but you can see my ponytail.

And because I want this blog to be honest, and I've already posted about my weight, I will readily admit that I am by no means a natural blond. Naturally I have mousy brown hair. Luckily, I also have an amazing hair dresser.


  1. I also get parents who are surprised to see that I am a teacher. I gave up on trying to look older. I just tell them that I age gracefully. :)

  2. AHHHHH Martinis again please, over and over again.