Monday, August 10, 2009

Ears, Nose, and Hair

In every wedding that I have been in, I always wear my hair exactly the same. Half up, half down with just the middle pulled back and curled. I have been rocking this hairstyle since I was about five years old. In fact, this is pretty much how I wear my hair every day.

This is me and Annalise and Erin's wedding. Annalise is one of my favorite people in the whole world and I miss her, but I know that she belongs in San Francisco rather than Orange County. But I still miss her.

I have a very specific reason for wearing my hair this way, I do not want my ears showing under any circumstances. This picture is unfortunate because my ear is starting to peak out.

You see, I have ginormous ears, courtesy of my Grandma Kay who is a very pretty lady but man oh man does she have some ears. Someone told me in junior high that my ears are big and ever since I have been obsessed with covering them. I refuse to wear my hair up at an event and will only wear a pony tail if I'm at the gym or going to work with the knowledge that I won't see any clients.

Isn't my mom so cute? She doesn't have gigantic ears. Grandma Kay is my dad's mom.

I also used to have a huge complex about my nose. Again, someone in junior high told me I had a big nose. For years, I fretted over the size of my nose. I refused to part my hair in the middle because Seventeen magazine said it would make my nose look bigger. I even used to shade my foundation on the sides of my nose to make it look smaller.

I eventually realized that I actually have a little nose. About four years ago, I ran into the girl who told me my nose is big at a bar. I saw her before she saw me and I thought, this is it, this is my moment, I'm going to tell her off for being so mean to me in junior high. But then she approached me and was all friendly. Before I knew it, I was listening to how she just left her husband because he was violent, and was a single mom, and looking for work. I realized that there are bigger things in the world than worrying about the size of one's nose, or worrying about what someone said a decade ago. I may have become enlightened about my nose, but there is no way I'm showing off my dumbo ears.

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