Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After the mold remediation was over, I was ready for a snack. I had worked up an appetite sitting at my desk staring at documents. I looked in my fridge. There was a whole lotta nothing. Some horribly dry wheat tortillas, low-fat cheese, suspiciously old low-fat yogurt and a quarter of a tomato. Yuck. Then I spied it, a white, Styrofoam, take-out container. A container holding Brady's leftover lasagna. Dare I take a bite? How many points are in lasagna with meat sauce? A million? A million and two? I cautiously opened the container, it looked so good. I didn't have any utensils because they are all packed up and my microwave is taped off because of the mold. So I grabbed a bite with my fingers. Soooooo gooood! I've been eating healthy for so long and this was cheesy and meaty and just what I needed. And I love me some cold leftovers. I devoured the whole thing.

I felt guilty about straying from my Weight Watchers so I went to kickboxing. I even confessed my sin to Brady, who was not at all pleased that I ate his leftovers and made me drive him to Del Taco as penance. I know it was bad of me, rude to eat Brady's food, bad for my diet, I didn't need it, it was self indulgent. But I would so do it again.

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  1. Lol that's really funny!...your bro