Sunday, August 16, 2009

Masala and Shakespeare

Tonight some the ladies in my family got together for a night of dinner and theater. We started the night at The Olde Shipe in Downtown Fullerton.

I love Downtown Fullerton, its full of antique shops, restaurants, bars, boutiques, very quaint. I had not been to The Olde Ship since high school and was a little wary since I am not a huge fan of English food.

But I love me some Indian food. I mean, I am obsessed with the stuff. One of the times Brady was out of town for work, I ate Indian food every night for a week. And Indian food is quite prominent in England so The Olde Ship had a few Indian selections on the menu.

I had chicken tikka masala and it did not disappoint. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and the masala sauce was spicy without being overpowering.

The fish and chips were quite popular with my group. My cousin was nice enough to let me have some of hers, well nice enough to not stab my hand with a fork when I just reached over and took some of her food. That is one of the problems going out to dinner with me, I like to try everything and I rarely ask permission. The fish was flaky, juicy and very yummy. The chips were kind of generic.

Next we were off to see William Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. (Are plays underlined, italicized or in quotes? I can't remember). The play was at the Hunger Artists Theater in Fullerton. Now this is community theater, it is in a tiny little warehouse in an industrial park. It certainly does not look like a theater from the outside.

My sister was the stage manager for the show. Her boyfriend was also in the show. They both did excellent jobs. Here is a picture of her with all her equipment. It all looks so technical. I was very impressed that she could run the sound and lights for the show. I would have been quite intimidated with all the gadgets. I don't have a picture of Anthony because I believe its bad form to take flash pictures of actors while they are, you know, acting.

Although it is not the fanciest theater ever, the show was exceptionally well done. It was well acted and quite entertaining. Putting on Shakespeare is no easy feat and this company tackled the task well. I loved the director's music choices and the modern spin put on the story. Quite a lovely Sunday night!

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