Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Am Going To Kill My Husband....

By making him eat too much.

I think that in another life I was a 1950s housewife, in terms of cooking. My best cooking is comfort foods. Meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, Mexican lasagna, mashed potatoes, enchildads. I don't do health food. Which is difficult when you are on Weight Watchers. I have tried to make my comfort food recipes healthy, but I'm sorry, low fat yogurt will never replace cream in my world.

Tonight I made Mexican Lasagna, and I loaded it with cheese. I also added shredded chicken which I don't usually do.

The last time I made it I tried to go the healthy route with sparse cheese and the addition of veggies and it just wasn't good. Brady ate a portion and I started to question if he liked it or not. I am very weird when it comes to cooking for Brady, he must like everything I make or I get very offended. I sit there and repeatedly ask if he liked it or not and force him to eat more to prove that he did like it. I think it's because I have not been cooking for very long so I'm still a little nervous. Brady assured me that he did indeed like the Mexican Lasagna, to which I replied, "well you barely ate anything."

In reality, he actually ate a huge chunk of the casserole. I need to get over thinking that if he doesn't stuff his face until he explodes does not mean that he does not like it. I also need to stop this "I show my love with food" attitude. Poor Frank is on a diet because I feed him too much and I'm sure that I'll do the same with my kids. My special go-to meal for Brady is filet mignon and vodka pasta. Not exactly healthy. Well my little family may be pudgy, but at least they know they are loved!

This is a breakfast casserole I made for 4th of July. It consists of a million eggs, a few pounds of cheese, a ton of bacon, potatotes, onions, bell peppars, and some spices. It is comfort food at its best.

I made Brady eat the "U" and the "S" before I believed he liked it.

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