Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Feel Old

I feel really old when I catch myself complaining about things. Like complaining to restaurant managers, hotel staff, or the manager at my gym. When I was younger, poor service did not bother me, I just didn't notice it, I was much more easy going. Now, I find myself calling supervisors to lodge complaints about their employees, writing notes on receipts at restaurants about the poor service, and sending food back if it isn't exactly what I ordered. Because I paid good money for [insert service here] and I'm not putting up with poor service!

Today, I complained about my kickboxing class. First, the class is way to crowded. It is called kickboxing, but there are so many people in the class I can barely get my foot 6 inches off the ground without coming dangerously close to the ass of the person in front of me. Second, there is this "turbo kickboxing" clique in the class. They must be instructors at other gyms. They are clearly friends with my instructor and all dress in these funky cargo capri pants with studded belts, ankle high shoes with knee high tube socks, and the obligatory hot pink midriff top. These people are beyond annoying. They modify all the moves so that they are adding spins and jumps and making you feel like an ass when you do the low impact version and still are dripping sweat, breathing heavily, and about to pass out.

So this little turbo clique apparently just went to "turbo camp," and brought all their friends from camp to class this morning. Meaning there were even more of these annoying, hyper, cargo pant wearing turbo kids in the class. Then one of these turbo kids starts video taping the class and taking pictures. Video and pictures where I am clearly in the shot. I was livid. The last thing I need is a video of me on you tube where I am flailing about, all red-faced and panting. So I left class 5 minutes early, snuck down to the front desk and lodged a complaint. The manager went running up to the class because my gym has a very strict no camera policy.

I felt vindicated that the manager took my complaint so seriously; but then I felt like the nerdy kid who tattled on the cooler kids. I decided that I don't care though, those damn whippersnappers shouldn't be taking video of people just trying to work out and minding their own business. Although I think I will find a new gym though, I don't want these turbo kids trying to use their crazy turbo moves on me for tattling on them.

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