Saturday, August 1, 2009

That is it, I'm going to the beach.

Today I came home from the gym to find this in my kitchen.

We have officially begun the process to file a claim with our homeowners' insurance to deal with the water damage caused by the dishwasher leak. A contractor was sent to our home to assess the damage, since he found mold he could not complete any kind of work and pretty much had to seal off the contaminated area. The lovely machine is a dryer/dehumidifier to dry out the wet floor and drywall. We should know more about whether this is a covered claim after the weekend. I just have a sinking feeling that this journey with our insurance company is not going to be fun.

I really wanted to improve on my Saturday after dealing with Sebastian, the evil mold monster. So I threw Brady in the car and we headed to Laguna Beach.

We had a great lunch at El Callejon, which used to be Javier's. Its pretty much the same as Javier's and luckily the food is just as good. Weight Watchers and Mexican restaurants really don't get along, so here is my tip to handle the temptation: I order a side salad and two chicken soft tacos a la carte. I take one of the tacos and dump (in a lady like manner) the chicken on my salad, pour salsa on top (salad dressing is the devil) and have that with the other chicken soft taco. Sheer will power is used for the tortilla chips.

We walked around all the cute art galleries and little beachy shops. We even went to the Wyland gallery. Brady loves Wyland, he has an original Wyland of a shark that he had commissioned, he has met Wyland in person, Brady thinks he's great. I...hate Wyland. I think his work is cheesy, unoriginal, commercial, and that it all looks the same. I think he is a whore in the art world and will put a freaking dolphin or whale on anything that will stand still for two seconds. But Brady loves Wyland and I love Brady, so I went to the gallery and I allow the shark to hang above our couch.

This would be a great picture if my hair wasn't standing straight up.

Brady and I as represented by alcoholic beverages. Blue moon and chardonnay. A lovely end to a lovely day....and then we drove home to visit our new friend the dehumidifier.

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