Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hooters and Bobble Heads

Tonight, Stephanie and I were charged with a mission by my husband: go to the Angels game and retrieve the Mike Napoli bobble heads that were being given away. Brady is out of town (yet again) and he collects these bobble heads. Stephanie and I accepted the challenge.

We got to the Stadium and parked in the Hooters parking lot (its way cheaper). We were hungry so we went to Hooters.

I actually like the food at Hooters. I don't really care about the girls in the skimpy outfits. I mean by today's standards, the outfits really are not scandalous.

Hooters makes a mean chicken sandwich.

And its hard to screw up onion rings and Caesar salad.

We even split a pitcher of beer. We are classy sisters. We asked a very nice Hooters girl to take our picture and she gladly did so. Although some drunk guy came up and started harassing her about her photography skills.

So she took his picture...and he ended up on my blog. You can tell he is a gentleman by the tattoo on his neck and hair-baring tank top.

Stephanie was confused by the Hooters girls.

She didn't understand why they kept writing their name down on a piece of paper on our table. I told her that is just what Hooters girls do. Stephanie did not care to know their names.

After Hooters, we resumed our mission for the Napoli bobble head. We got to the Stadium about 45 minutes after the game started and stood in a very long line.

We finally got into the Stadium and they had ran out of the bobble heads! We had to get rain checks for the bobble heads.

Epic fail.

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  1. Booo I hate that when you go to all that effort and then you are foiled.