Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday Night

This Saturday night was a rough one. The day started off well enough, I went to kickboxing and had a great workout, ran into a friend which was a pleasant surprise, surprised the husband with a breakfast burrito, went to Target, and went to a great surprise birthday party. Could I say the word "surprise" one more time? Surprise! Yes I can. We got home from the birthday party around 6pm and were sleepy from running around all day. So we were going to rest and then go out later that night. Around 8 o'clock I was so restless, I wanted to get out of the house but couldn't think of what I wanted to do. I was in one of those bratty moods where my poor husband just couldn't suggest the right thing, and his wrong suggestions just kept aggravating me.

I knew I was being a brat, I could see myself being a brat, I could hear the bratty words coming out of my mouth but couldn't do anything about it. Brady suggested numerous restaurants, movies, etc. I just kept saying no, no, no, and pouting. I really hate when I act like this, its so unnecessary and so unpleasant. In reality, I was tired and needed to just relax and go to bed early. But I simply cannot accept not going out on a Saturday night! Sometimes, I am so like a little kid who is exhausted but refuses to go to sleep because she wants to stay and play.

I finally agreed to one of Brady's restaurant suggestions and we tried a new Italian restaurant, Ale Roma Cucina on Chapman in Orange. The decor was really cute, prices very reasonable, and they had a good menu selection. The wine selection was almost non-existent though. I had the chicken ravioli puttanesca. I love puttanesca sauce. I did not love this puttanesca sauce. It was beyond salty. Now, puttanesca sauce is naturally salty by virtue of the olives, but because of the olives, one should absolutely not add more salt. I hate when food is ruined by too much salt just as much as I hate when I act like a brat. The chicken ravioli's filling was bland and just really unremarkable. Although I didn't care for the food, I had managed to stop acting like a brat and enjoy the evening with Brady. We then watched "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" which is so adorable with awesomely cool indie rock music that I would never find on my own and Caroline is just hilarious. So while I almost derailed the night with my pouty attitude, in the end I enjoyed the quiet time with Brady (but not the salty ravioli).

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