Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How many is it going to take?

As of today, we have had three different plumbers come to our house to assess our leak situation.

Plumber #1, Tom, punched a hole in my wall and left me in tears when he told me I have a slab leak.

Plumber #2, Joe, was my angel who told me that I did not have a slab leak but my dishwasher was leaking.

Plumber #3 (and #4 cause this guy came with a buddy) affirmed that my dishwasher was in fact leaking and also told me that the water pressure in my house was ridiculously high and I needed a new pressure regulator immediately or my house was going to explode, or something like that.

How many plumbers is it going to take to get this thing straightened out!?! Oh wait, I forgot a plumber, plumber #2 1/2 came over today to fix the toilets upstairs which were running. We also had an appliance technician out today to look at the dishwasher and somebody to repair our garage door opener.

If you need me, I'll be the one running down the street with all my boxes looking for an apartment with a landlord that I can call when crap like this happens.

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  1. Poor Court, you need a nice bottle or three of wine.