Monday, August 31, 2009

A Workout

Tonight I was supposed to go the gym and workout, specifically kick-boxing. I had my little gym bag packed and everything. A massive sinus headache at 3pm left me tired, in pain and not wanting at all to go to the gym.

Instead, I went to my favorite pizzeria with my husband and had a lovely meal, read some of my book, played with my dogs, organized my mail/junk basket, and worked on my scarf.

I feel like I worked out my soul instead of my body.

Saturday Night at the Theatre

This past Saturday night, Brady and I went to see "One Flea Spare" by Naomi Wallace at the Hunger Artists Theatre in Fullerton.

"One Flea Spare" is set in London during the 17th century plague and centers around a wealthy couple who are just about to be let off of quarantine when a young girl and sailor break into their house, resulting in another 28 days of quarantine. The play is a study of human personality as it plays out in such close quarters and how it results from broken relationships and new beginnings.

I was very impressed with the production of this play. Everyone was extremely good in it. I think that the mark of a good play, book, movie, etc. is its ability to suspend the viewer from reality. Do you get sucked into the story? Are you able to forget about work, bills that need to be paid, house that needs to be cleaned, the chores of life? I had read the play before I saw it performed and was completely sucked into the story. I read it in one sitting, not even leaving the couch for wine. I was a little nervous to see it performed because I liked it in its written word form so much, I wanted to enjoy it as much as it was performed. And I did. It was gripping.
Stephanie's boyfriend, Anthony played Snelgrave, the husband of the wealthy couple. It's interesting to see someone you know act. Even though they may be in character, you catch a glimpse of a mannerism, a tone of voice, a gesture, that signals to you that this is the person you know.

This was not so with Anthony's performance. He was transformed so deeply into his character he ceased to be the person that I knew in reality and became this vile, disturbing, antagonist. It was almost shocking to see him after the show and back as my sister's laid back, easy going boyfriend. He gave a very good performance.

And while the show had some minor glitches with props and costumes (which I only found out over drinks after the show with Steph and Anthony) it was a great show. And there's nudity, full frontal nudity. Tastefully done of course. And who doesn't love a little nudity with their theatre? Although, a word of warning if you go see a show at Hunger Artists, it is hotter than hell inside that theatre, dress accordingly.

For more information regarding "One Flea Spare" and other productions, please click here.

Photos courtesy of Anthony Galleran and Hunger Artists Theatre.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some Advice

There is nothing hotter than one's man doing work around the house.

Listen guys, forget the flowers, get stuff done around the house. In my ever-increasing-in-praticality mind, this is way more romantic than flowers.

Better yet, take a chore that your lady hates to do and surprise her by doing it. Or pick up your socks with her telling you only once to do it. Or wash the dishes without her saying anything. I'm telling you, chores speak louder than roses any day.

A Question

Is it wrong to use your dog for voodoo purposes?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Funky Town

I've been in a funk lately, which means I have been bratty, pouty, and whiny; all pretty much directed at my poor husband. I feel like a lot of the people close to me have been in a funk as well. Even Mickey has been all riled up lately about some toy she can't find. I blame the month of August. It's freaking hot, the end of summer, there are no good holidays in August. August is very blah.

But in a few short days it will be September! I like summer, I like the sunny weather, the warmth, the barbecues, vacations, the beach, etc. But I only like it for a little bit. My true love is Fall and it's almost here. I love the weather cooling down, the back to school excitement, fall comfort foods, knee-high boots (tasteful ones from Banana Republic, not slutty ones), and tights. Oh how I love wearing a nice circle skirt with tights and boots and a cute cardigan. And the advent of Fall means the holiday season. Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday. It has all the joy of being together with family and good food without the stress of presents. Don't get me wrong I love me some Christmas too. Fall brings football (which I'm starting to enjoy) and I will be able to actually walk my dogs because it won't be so blazing hot.

So I say let's shake off this funk, August is almost over. Let's move on to the Fall and football and stews and cozy sweaters and scarves (even if only for decoration in So Cal) and holiday parties and cookies and crisp air (which won't come for several more months in So Cal). Who wants to go apple picking with me?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's In A Color?

I have mentioned that I never wear my hair up because I desperately want to hide my ginormous ears. That is not entirely true. Sometimes my desire to look professional outweighs my desire to hide my ears and I wear my hair pulled back. I have a lot of hair, a lot of thick, kinda wavy hair which I usually blow dry straight and then curl with a curling iron. It's a miracle that this routine, combined with the amount of coloring, I do has not resulted in a head full of straw. My secret is Neutrogena shampoo, it's like 4 bucks a bottle and awesome.

Because I have so much hair, sometimes when I wear it down at work I end up looking more like Elle Woods rather than an actual serious lawyer. I have gotten a lot of, "you're the lawyer?!" "I'm old enough to be your mother!" "Wow, I can't believe you our lawyer, you look so young, did you just graduate?" "Have you even passed the bar yet?" Yes, I passed the bar and yes, I'm a lawyer. Don't let the hair fool you.

I have done many things that I thought made my appearance more professional and older looking. By older looking, I mean a look that says I know what I'm doing. I've dyed my hair brown and cut it short numerous times. This just ends up making me look mousy and not any more professional

This picture was taken the week before I started law school. I had cut off all my hair and dyed it dark brown so I would look like a serious law student. I look like a serious dork.


I also dyed my hair black at one point. I'm not sure what I was thinking. It definitely does not make me look more serious. I look more like a wannabe goth teenager. It was kinda fun though. I did make a hell of a mess with the black dye. This picture makes me want to have martinis with Rogue in San Francisco.

Then there was the fire engine red hair fiasco. I'm seriously surprised I kept my job with this color. At the time I was working at a firm that required women to wear panty hose. Not exactly progressive. My mother had a fit when she saw this picture. She said I ruined Ben and Leslie's wedding. I'm pretty sure one guest with a questionable dye job did not ruin the entire wedding.

Back to my original point, which was about trying to make my hair look professional. Stupid dirty martini made me lose my train of thought. I've decided that I was meant to be blond and that a neat ponytail is much more professional looking than a mousy brown mess. I took this picture myself this morning, that should explain the crappiness of it, but you can see my ponytail.

And because I want this blog to be honest, and I've already posted about my weight, I will readily admit that I am by no means a natural blond. Naturally I have mousy brown hair. Luckily, I also have an amazing hair dresser.

I Heart Anderson

This just solidifies my love for Anderson.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Foiled Again

The feedback I received on my post about having a baby was very interesting. Some said go for it, there is no time like the present, some said wait until you are ready and prepared, one said wait until my 30th birthday so I can enjoy my birthday (that one makes the most sense to me!).

Tonight, I was doing laundry. I do a lot of laundry. Especially for two people. I told Brady, okay if you don't want a baby, then you fold the laundry. He never folds the laundry. I thought I had won for sure. I walked out of the room for a minute and came back...Brady was folding and putting away laundry! Damnit! I'm going to need another plan. Maybe I should just get a plant to satisfy my maternal instincts.

I Am Going To Kill My Husband....

By making him eat too much.

I think that in another life I was a 1950s housewife, in terms of cooking. My best cooking is comfort foods. Meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, Mexican lasagna, mashed potatoes, enchildads. I don't do health food. Which is difficult when you are on Weight Watchers. I have tried to make my comfort food recipes healthy, but I'm sorry, low fat yogurt will never replace cream in my world.

Tonight I made Mexican Lasagna, and I loaded it with cheese. I also added shredded chicken which I don't usually do.

The last time I made it I tried to go the healthy route with sparse cheese and the addition of veggies and it just wasn't good. Brady ate a portion and I started to question if he liked it or not. I am very weird when it comes to cooking for Brady, he must like everything I make or I get very offended. I sit there and repeatedly ask if he liked it or not and force him to eat more to prove that he did like it. I think it's because I have not been cooking for very long so I'm still a little nervous. Brady assured me that he did indeed like the Mexican Lasagna, to which I replied, "well you barely ate anything."

In reality, he actually ate a huge chunk of the casserole. I need to get over thinking that if he doesn't stuff his face until he explodes does not mean that he does not like it. I also need to stop this "I show my love with food" attitude. Poor Frank is on a diet because I feed him too much and I'm sure that I'll do the same with my kids. My special go-to meal for Brady is filet mignon and vodka pasta. Not exactly healthy. Well my little family may be pudgy, but at least they know they are loved!

This is a breakfast casserole I made for 4th of July. It consists of a million eggs, a few pounds of cheese, a ton of bacon, potatotes, onions, bell peppars, and some spices. It is comfort food at its best.

I made Brady eat the "U" and the "S" before I believed he liked it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby? Maybe?

So Brady and I have been talking about having a baby. Well, it's mainly me saying "I want a baby," and Brady responding that we need to save money, or get settled in our house, or focus on our careers, or some other totally annoying and logical reason to wait.

I know that when the time is right we will have a baby. I also know that when we do have one, I will be a working mom. That is probably our biggest obstacle right now, trying to figure out what to do with a baby during the work day. We've concluded that leaving the baby in the backyard with a bowl of water and a chew toy, to be raised by our bulldogs, is most likely going to get us arrested.

We've done minimal research into the topic of daycare. And by research I mean we harass other couples that work and have children about what they do with their kids during the day. The ideal situation would be if I could work from home for two days a week so that we only need daycare for three days a week.

I am already conflicted about being a working mom. Although I am conflicted, I know for a fact that I will be one. I love what I do. I love being a lawyer, I love the area of law that I practice in. I feel like I actually make a difference and I feel good about what I do. Plus, I worked my arse off to get where I am and I'm not ready to give that up. I also know that I want a family, at least two kids. Both my parents worked and managed to raise three kids, and do it well. Hell, my mom only took off six weeks after having me and she was a registered nurse in an emergency room. If she can handle that, I can handle having children and sitting in an office. Brady was raised by his grandmas and they both worked and he turned out quite well.

I like to believe that I'm an excellent multi-tasker and organized and that I will just adapt to the situation. But then days like today hit and I question this. Today was a great day, but it was crazy busy. I didn't stop until about 11pm. I woke up at 6am, went jogging for 20 minutes, took care of the dogs, got ready for work, worked all day, went to dinner, Home Depot, went to the grocery store, did laundry, cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed, and made a casserole for us to eat tomorrow night. I looked at my husband and said "I'm exhausted, I got a lot done, but I'm running on fumes, exactly how is a child supposed to fit in with all this?" I didn't have an answer, Brady didn't have an answer. I think we'll go back to harassing couples with children that work and see how they do it. For the time being though, I am very happy with my little family of me, Brady, and our furry children.

Photo by Rogue. She's an amazing photographer and so good with dogs! My dogs actually listen when she's around.

Dueling Sinks

Before Brady and I bought our house, we lived in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Actually 2 different one bedroom/one bathroom apartments. We had to move out of the first one when we brought Mickey home because cute little bullies were not allowed.

Both of our previous apartments were nice, but had one bathroom. One bathroom people. The one bathroom-ness of our apartments led to many, um, "heated" discussions about bathroom protocol. Someone was always taking too long in the shower. I used too much hairspray and made everything sticky. Brady got shaving cream everywhere and refused to put anything away. One was in the shower when the other had to "go." One would "go" while the other was in the shower. It was not good. So when we started looking for a house we wanted at least 2 full baths and the master definitely had to have two sinks.

Our house has 2 1/2 baths and the master has 2 sinks. When we moved in we chose our sinks. I did not put much thought into it and chose the sink furthest from the bathroom. I quickly realized that this was not the best sink because the towel rack was in the bathroom (and yes I could put up another towel rack by my sink but I'm lazy and when I nail things into walls, large chunks of drywall go missing). So I started using Brady's sink which annoys him to no end. Which makes me want to use it more because it's funny to see him get so worked up about a sink.

But now the stupid sink is clogged. I don't know what it is clogged with, Brady blames my hair. So because the sink is clogged with, allegedly, my hair, Brady won't clean/unclog it but still continues to use it. And to shave in it. So I start to get ready for work this morning and I find this:

A sink full of disgusting, shaved facial hair and shaving cream. This is not the first time this sink has been in this condition. This was already the subject of a "heated" discussion on Saturday morning about who is responsible for cleaning this sink. I told Brady, just use the other sink until we fix the clogged one and he refuses because this is his sink and I am the one that clogged it with all my hair. This is what happens when you marry an only child. Brady also claims that draino won't unclog it and we have to "snake" the sink.

Brady's continued use of this sink constitutes fightin' words in my opinion. People get divorced over stuff like this. And I am going to use draino, I think he's wrong. And if experience has taught me anything, when I insist I'm right and Brady's wrong....Brady is usually right. But I'm still going to try the draino. Oh the joys of being married and arguing about a clogged sink. At least Brady never leaves the seat up.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday at the Beach

Lately, Brady and I have been stressed out. Stressed out about work, our house, work, mold, work, and a little more work. We needed a break and we needed it bad. We had a free night at the Waterfront Hilton in Huntington Beach and decided to use it this weekend for a mini-vacation.

I love the rooms at this hotel, they have awesome beds with the super nice, soft sheets. We made our reservation late so we got a room with two double beds instead of a king. Way back wen, our second official date was a night in Vegas at the Wynn. When I told my mother that I was going to Las Vegas for a second date she had a fit, so I lied and told her the hotel room had two beds. I thought it was funny, now we are married and in a hotel room with two beds. On this second date I also told Brady that we were going to get married. And he actually stuck around.

It was a little overcast, but our room had a great view.

Brady and I spent the day lounging by the pool, pretending that we were in Hawaii. We also came up with the great idea to go to Hawaii in December.

Even though we were only a half hour from our house, it felt so good to get away.

Guess which one is Brady's drink? Hint, its very fruity.

The Waterfront Hilton has all these great room service combinations, like champagne and strawberries or wine with a cheese plate.

We opted for the wine and nuts combo, a bottle of wine and pistachios. I love wine, Brady loves pistachios, it was meant to be. But when it was delivered, there were no pistachios to be found, just a bowl of sad looking peanuts. Brady did not stand for such an injustice and spoke to the manager of room service. We ended up getting the wine and peanuts for free. Free hotel room, free wine, even free peanuts, not bad!

We then met up with friends at Huntington Beach Beer Company. Originally on this night I was supposed to throw a dinner party for my friends. But with the mold and my kitchen being in a state of disrepair, I suggested a restaurant.

The food was okay, it was typical brewery food, kind of like a B.J.'s. I had fish tacos which were fine, but nothing to rave about. I had my camera on the table, all ready so I could take a picture of my food, when I looked down and realized I had eaten all my food. So just imagine a so-so fish taco on this plate.

We ended the night on the hotel bar patio, drinking martinis and talking. I love late night talks over a martini with the man I love.

The next morning I woke up around 7 a.m. because I am physically unable to sleep in. I ended up crawling into my own bed, stretched out completely, and slept for a couple more hours. Having a room with two beds ended up being pretty nice. I love my husband, but I'm sorry, having the bed all to yourself is pretty awesome.

Friday, August 21, 2009


One of the things that I love about living in Orange is the food selection. This place is full of mom and pop eateries that are big on taste and pretty easy on the wallet. The Orange Circle has a lot of great places to eat, I should know, I ate at every restaturant there frequently while in law school. A couple of weeks ago, Brady and I discovered Wise Guys Pizzeria on Chapman in Orange. We've been there two Fridays in a row and we are in love. Their menu is full of speciality pizzas, pastas and sandwiches. Tonight we took Anthony and Stephanie because I must share good food with everyone, it's the quarter Italian in me.
Brady's favorite so far (he is vowing to try everything on the menu) is the buffalo chicken pizza. Its buffalo chicken, ranch dressing, mozzarella, and pepper jack cheese. There is no skimping on the buffalo sauce either.

Tonight I watched Brady and Anthony take down an entire large of this buffalo bad body. I had a little nibble. Stephanie tried it to and almost started crying because it was too spicy. Wuss.

Steph had the hitman provolone: oregano ranch, chicken, garlic, smoked provolone, bacon and roma tomatoes. I'm getting hearburn just looking at this thing. I had a little nibble of this too, it was cheesy, bacony, and delicious.

But, my favorite thing about Wise Guys is the spaghetti with marinara. Spaghetti with marinara is one of my all-time favorite meals. I order it constantly. This marinara sauce is to die for, it is so fresh, and has huge chunks of garlic in it. I love me some garlic. It's just simple, straight-forward marinara sauce, no screwing around, no watering it down for the kiddies.

Luckily I worked out before this meal. And I will be going to kick-boxing tomorrow, for about 9 1/2 hours. Of course, my lovely sister pointed out with each bite I took how many points I was consuming. It's so nice to have family support. How many times have you eaten at In n Out this week Steph? Hmmm? That's right.

Back on Track

I, like many other women, keep a pair of skinny jeans in my closet. I actually have about 3 pairs of skinny jeans from various skinny phases of my life. I keep them hoping that one day they will fit again, because they were expensive, and because throwing them out feels like giving up.

I have one pair in particular, from a little trendy shop in Newport Beach. I purchased these jeans when I was living in Newport Beach during my third year of law school and they are super skinny jeans. I wore these jeans during a period in my life where I subsisted on wine, cigarettes, and microwaved cheese and ketchup sandwiches. It was not a pretty time. But, I was very thin. These jeans have not fit since the Fall of 2005. When I say they don't fit, I mean they barely make it past my knees before they hit the roadblocks of my thighs.

This morning as I was getting ready, I spied these jeans (I had strewn all of my jeans about my closet the other day looking for a particular pair). I have had a bad Weight Watchers week. There was the lasagna incident. Then Brady and I took Stephanie out to dinner and they had to watch in horror as I inhaled a plate of chili nachos. Oh and then there where the thin mints I shoved into my mouth one night because, well, they were there. Clearly I am falling of the bandwagon.

So I see the jeans and I tell myself that I am going to try them on and remind myself of what I am doing on this weight loss journey and that I need to get back on track pronto. And here is the crazy thing, the jeans fit! Now I use the word "fit" in a very loose sense. I was able to button and zip said jeans but not without some muffin top spillage happening. Even though I won't be wearing these jeans in public yet, it is still a victory that I can even get them on and a reminder that it is worth it to follow my Weight Watchers plan.

Moral of the story is, there will be times when you fall off the wagon, but don't let a little detour ruin your journey. Mistakes will be made, but its important to keep moving forward.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Watch Out!

My sister has actually received two, not one, two letters from the DMV stating that she is among the worst drivers in California.

We were so not surprised.

The Great Outdoors

My dear friend Rogue recently referred to me as "the girl who will not go camping." And up until this point in my life that is completely true. For many years I have strongly asserted that I do not like being outside unless it is an outside shopping mall. But lately, I've really been feeling the need to commune with nature, go hiking, go camping, anything outdoors.

I seem to be enjoying myself here with my brother outdoors in Big Bear. Maybe we were just enjoying the peace and quiet before my sister was born. She was the cutest baby ever, but oh Lordy was she a screamer.

Brady and I took a mini hike the other day in the hills by our house. It was so nice just to be in the fresh air, looking at the scenery. It was particularly nice to be without laptops, email, and our blackberrys. Rogue has suggested a girls' camping trip. This time last year, I would have said no way, call me when you want to go to the spa. But now, I think that would be a lot of fun. I like the idea of not worrying about packing cute outfits, or what heels to bring, or how much make-up and hairspray will I need. And if there is any female I trust to go camping with, its Rogue. She just seems to know what she is doing.

I would also like to go camping with Brady. I've been dreaming of a road trip where we throw the bullies in the car, I make a bunch of sandwiches, lasagna, mac n cheese (all of which are good cold), some wine and we just set out to relax and enjoy each other's company. I'd bring a bunch of good books too. And maybe one of those card games that consists of thought provoking questions.

See how happy I can be in the wilderness? Oh, my dad is not a serial killer. I swear. He was in law enforcement for many, many years and is not a fan of smiling. We like to say that the smiles with his eyes, although that is clearly not the case here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After the mold remediation was over, I was ready for a snack. I had worked up an appetite sitting at my desk staring at documents. I looked in my fridge. There was a whole lotta nothing. Some horribly dry wheat tortillas, low-fat cheese, suspiciously old low-fat yogurt and a quarter of a tomato. Yuck. Then I spied it, a white, Styrofoam, take-out container. A container holding Brady's leftover lasagna. Dare I take a bite? How many points are in lasagna with meat sauce? A million? A million and two? I cautiously opened the container, it looked so good. I didn't have any utensils because they are all packed up and my microwave is taped off because of the mold. So I grabbed a bite with my fingers. Soooooo gooood! I've been eating healthy for so long and this was cheesy and meaty and just what I needed. And I love me some cold leftovers. I devoured the whole thing.

I felt guilty about straying from my Weight Watchers so I went to kickboxing. I even confessed my sin to Brady, who was not at all pleased that I ate his leftovers and made me drive him to Del Taco as penance. I know it was bad of me, rude to eat Brady's food, bad for my diet, I didn't need it, it was self indulgent. But I would so do it again.

Finally Clean

Today, my kitchen underwent mold remediation. And because everyone loves a good story about mold, here is what happened:

Roger came over and secured the area. Roger was here from 7am to about 2pm working on my kitchen. We talked about three to five times throughout the day. I never understood a word he said. He spoke like he had marshmallows and marbles stuffed in his mouth. Although he did tell me that next time I need some work done to just call me, and not his boss, and he would hook me up. I love the shady undercutting of the boss. I sincerely hope I do not need Roger's services in the future.

This is what Roger unearthed in my kitchen. Completely disgusting. Lesson to be learned here: hire a good house inspector when you buy a home! Do some research, get someone good. We have been in this house six months, this was obviously a problem before we moved in and the inspector didn't catch it because he wasn't thorough. Be present when your inspector goes through the house and question everything! Also, when there are two people buying the house and one thinks that vacuuming once a week is excessive, don't send that person to the inspection! Make the clean one go and harass the inspector.

Oh I can barely stomach this, I can't believe this was in my house. Roger kept asking if I smelled it and honestly, I didn't smell it until the dishwasher was taken out. The eau de dog is a little strong in my house apparently. This makes me want to bleach everything standing still.

The bullies and I camped out upstairs. Frankie was by my side the whole time and was very helpful with the pleading I was working on.

This one did not exactly lend a helping paw. Such a lazy bitch.

Well, they are both pretty lazy. But so cute.

The mold is now gone from my home and it was not as extensive as I originally thought. We have a couple of house guests, an air scrubber and a dehumidifier. They are annoyingly loud. I think I'm going to stay upstairs for the rest of the week.

Yay, no mold! Now I just need to figure out how to drywall and patch up my cabinets. Google and Home Depot here I come.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sebastian's Grand Exit

Today I received a phone call:

Roger: "Ma'am, this is Roger from Alpine Air."

[I hate being called ma'am, I need to go buy some wrinkle cream.]

"We are coming over tomorrow at 7am for the mold remediation."

Me: "Ok, great."

Roger: "We'll start the demo at 8am."

Me: "Ahhhhhhhhh, noooooo (sobbing commences) why do you have to use the word 'demo?' I can't handle this, the stress is too much, I'm not going to have a kitchen wall! (high pitched shrieking followed by wailing) What about my cabinets? Will I have to put all my dishes in plastic bins? (more sobbing) Roger help me!"

Ok, I didn't really react that way. But the demo is happening tomorrow, at 8am. Sebastian is getting thrown out on his lousy, moldy butt tomorrow for good. I'm having half my wall removed around the sink and stove, behind my cabinets. I'm just going to pray that my cabinets stay somewhat intact.

So I had to get ready for this remediation, first I cleaned out the cabinets. Actually Brady helped clean out the cabinets, though it was only because I hid the t.v. remote.

I didn't really have any where to put everything so the contents of my cabinets are strewn about my house. I'm trying to pretend my living room is a department store and this is a pretty display.

I got some wine. Half my wall is being torn out, I need something to take the edge off. Sidebar: Peju is my favorite winery in Napa, awesome wine, gorgeous grounds, friendly people. Love it!

I procured a turkey sandwich for lunch tomorrow from Bagel Me. I won't be able to leave the house and I know I'm going to be hungry, that's just how I am. Bagel Me's sandwiches come with bagel chips and this awesome cinnamony applesauce stuff. Sooooo gooood.

I got new toys and treats for the bullies to distract them from the workers and all the banging and destruction that will be happening in the house. Ugh, destruction. Destruction in one's home is never good.

And to distract me, I brought home a big ol' pile of work. Doesn't it look like so much fun?

I'm working on a presentation about the assessment of emotionally disturbed children. After this mold remediation, I'm going to be seriously emotionally disturbed.

So long Sebastian, don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out!

That's My Spot

Who's a big, bad lawyer now? That's right, me, with my reserved parking.

My favorite thing about my reserved parking is that I park my piece of crap, beat up, banged up Ford right next to a seriously nice Jaguar.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Out With The Old, In With the New

The red couch is gone. Because the bullies spent so much time sleeping on the red couch, we needed some kind of replacement. So we bought an orthopedic dog bed at Costco. Sounds fancy, huh? It was only $25, which is good because our bullies are quite fond of chewing/tearing/eating/destroying dog beds. This is probably the 40th dog bed we've bought in a year and a half.

I was worried that the bullies would be sad or upset that the couch was gone...and express their emotions by chewing/peeing on things. But they seemed to really like the dog bed and not care that the couch is not there.

Look at those little faces, they could do nothing wrong. Yeah right. We shall see what this bed and my living room looks like in the morning.