Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday at the Beach

Lately, Brady and I have been stressed out. Stressed out about work, our house, work, mold, work, and a little more work. We needed a break and we needed it bad. We had a free night at the Waterfront Hilton in Huntington Beach and decided to use it this weekend for a mini-vacation.

I love the rooms at this hotel, they have awesome beds with the super nice, soft sheets. We made our reservation late so we got a room with two double beds instead of a king. Way back wen, our second official date was a night in Vegas at the Wynn. When I told my mother that I was going to Las Vegas for a second date she had a fit, so I lied and told her the hotel room had two beds. I thought it was funny, now we are married and in a hotel room with two beds. On this second date I also told Brady that we were going to get married. And he actually stuck around.

It was a little overcast, but our room had a great view.

Brady and I spent the day lounging by the pool, pretending that we were in Hawaii. We also came up with the great idea to go to Hawaii in December.

Even though we were only a half hour from our house, it felt so good to get away.

Guess which one is Brady's drink? Hint, its very fruity.

The Waterfront Hilton has all these great room service combinations, like champagne and strawberries or wine with a cheese plate.

We opted for the wine and nuts combo, a bottle of wine and pistachios. I love wine, Brady loves pistachios, it was meant to be. But when it was delivered, there were no pistachios to be found, just a bowl of sad looking peanuts. Brady did not stand for such an injustice and spoke to the manager of room service. We ended up getting the wine and peanuts for free. Free hotel room, free wine, even free peanuts, not bad!

We then met up with friends at Huntington Beach Beer Company. Originally on this night I was supposed to throw a dinner party for my friends. But with the mold and my kitchen being in a state of disrepair, I suggested a restaurant.

The food was okay, it was typical brewery food, kind of like a B.J.'s. I had fish tacos which were fine, but nothing to rave about. I had my camera on the table, all ready so I could take a picture of my food, when I looked down and realized I had eaten all my food. So just imagine a so-so fish taco on this plate.

We ended the night on the hotel bar patio, drinking martinis and talking. I love late night talks over a martini with the man I love.

The next morning I woke up around 7 a.m. because I am physically unable to sleep in. I ended up crawling into my own bed, stretched out completely, and slept for a couple more hours. Having a room with two beds ended up being pretty nice. I love my husband, but I'm sorry, having the bed all to yourself is pretty awesome.

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  1. Look at you all FANCY with your links. And those martini's look WONDERFUL, I think I am going to go make one right now.