Monday, August 24, 2009

Dueling Sinks

Before Brady and I bought our house, we lived in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Actually 2 different one bedroom/one bathroom apartments. We had to move out of the first one when we brought Mickey home because cute little bullies were not allowed.

Both of our previous apartments were nice, but had one bathroom. One bathroom people. The one bathroom-ness of our apartments led to many, um, "heated" discussions about bathroom protocol. Someone was always taking too long in the shower. I used too much hairspray and made everything sticky. Brady got shaving cream everywhere and refused to put anything away. One was in the shower when the other had to "go." One would "go" while the other was in the shower. It was not good. So when we started looking for a house we wanted at least 2 full baths and the master definitely had to have two sinks.

Our house has 2 1/2 baths and the master has 2 sinks. When we moved in we chose our sinks. I did not put much thought into it and chose the sink furthest from the bathroom. I quickly realized that this was not the best sink because the towel rack was in the bathroom (and yes I could put up another towel rack by my sink but I'm lazy and when I nail things into walls, large chunks of drywall go missing). So I started using Brady's sink which annoys him to no end. Which makes me want to use it more because it's funny to see him get so worked up about a sink.

But now the stupid sink is clogged. I don't know what it is clogged with, Brady blames my hair. So because the sink is clogged with, allegedly, my hair, Brady won't clean/unclog it but still continues to use it. And to shave in it. So I start to get ready for work this morning and I find this:

A sink full of disgusting, shaved facial hair and shaving cream. This is not the first time this sink has been in this condition. This was already the subject of a "heated" discussion on Saturday morning about who is responsible for cleaning this sink. I told Brady, just use the other sink until we fix the clogged one and he refuses because this is his sink and I am the one that clogged it with all my hair. This is what happens when you marry an only child. Brady also claims that draino won't unclog it and we have to "snake" the sink.

Brady's continued use of this sink constitutes fightin' words in my opinion. People get divorced over stuff like this. And I am going to use draino, I think he's wrong. And if experience has taught me anything, when I insist I'm right and Brady's wrong....Brady is usually right. But I'm still going to try the draino. Oh the joys of being married and arguing about a clogged sink. At least Brady never leaves the seat up.

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