Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally Clean

Today, my kitchen underwent mold remediation. And because everyone loves a good story about mold, here is what happened:

Roger came over and secured the area. Roger was here from 7am to about 2pm working on my kitchen. We talked about three to five times throughout the day. I never understood a word he said. He spoke like he had marshmallows and marbles stuffed in his mouth. Although he did tell me that next time I need some work done to just call me, and not his boss, and he would hook me up. I love the shady undercutting of the boss. I sincerely hope I do not need Roger's services in the future.

This is what Roger unearthed in my kitchen. Completely disgusting. Lesson to be learned here: hire a good house inspector when you buy a home! Do some research, get someone good. We have been in this house six months, this was obviously a problem before we moved in and the inspector didn't catch it because he wasn't thorough. Be present when your inspector goes through the house and question everything! Also, when there are two people buying the house and one thinks that vacuuming once a week is excessive, don't send that person to the inspection! Make the clean one go and harass the inspector.

Oh I can barely stomach this, I can't believe this was in my house. Roger kept asking if I smelled it and honestly, I didn't smell it until the dishwasher was taken out. The eau de dog is a little strong in my house apparently. This makes me want to bleach everything standing still.

The bullies and I camped out upstairs. Frankie was by my side the whole time and was very helpful with the pleading I was working on.

This one did not exactly lend a helping paw. Such a lazy bitch.

Well, they are both pretty lazy. But so cute.

The mold is now gone from my home and it was not as extensive as I originally thought. We have a couple of house guests, an air scrubber and a dehumidifier. They are annoyingly loud. I think I'm going to stay upstairs for the rest of the week.

Yay, no mold! Now I just need to figure out how to drywall and patch up my cabinets. Google and Home Depot here I come.

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  1. OH MY GOD, the girl who will not go caming is seriously thinking about taking on a drywall project. You may need alot of wine, I hear that helps :)