Monday, August 10, 2009

Feathers and Books

This is my baby sister Stephie, isn't she precious? Don't let the picture fool you, while getting ready for her dance recital she kicked and screamed bloody murder because her costume had feathers and it was itchy. So my mom had to pull all the feathers out of her costume. She looked like a plucked chicken next to the all the other little girls with fully feathered costumes.

Here's a funny story about Stephie. When she first started college, she had an exam in one of her classes. The professor told the students that they would need to supply their own blue books. Stephie went to a store and purchased a blue book. When the exam rolled around, she took a seat and pulled out her pencil and blue book. She was shocked to see all the other college students pull out the little pamphlet-like blue books, the ones with like ten pages that are stapled in the middle. Stephie had purchased a blue spiral-bound notebook. I'm not sure what happened next, I was too busy rolling on the ground laughing to hear the rest of the story.

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