Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Trip Ever

In August 2006, after and Brady went through the excruciating task of taking the California bar exam, we took a road trip up the coast of California. To date, this is the most amazing vacation we have ever been on, it's also the longest. This trip was even better and longer than our Cancun honeymoon. It is also how I knew that Brady and I were going to work as a couple, two weeks together, many hours in the car, and we didn't kill each other. Plus, he planned the entire trip, made all the hotel reservations, found great places to eat. Brady is the hands down, best person to travel with, he is always so prepared.

Our first destination was Trinidad, a little fishing town about 30 minutes north of Eureka. On the way there, we stopped at Pebble Beach. This is the 18th hole.

We visited the lone Cypress, so he wasn't so lonely.

I had to stop in Monterey and visit Cannery Row. I am obsessed with John Steinbeck. I think I have read just about everything he is written. East of Eden is one of my all time favorite books. I wish I knew where my copy was so I could read it right now.

After two days of driving (we had a lot of stops) we made it to Eureka, where there was this scary old house. I think its a dinner club now, but I love how gothic and Victorian it looks.

This is Trinidad. It was like a different world, totally untouched by the consumerism of California. When we told people we were from Southern California, they responded "oh, you mean San Francisco?" We just relaxed and relaxed in Trinidad, and ate at the same hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant for about four days in a row. It was awesome.

On our way down south, we went to Napa. I loved Napa. We did a wine-tasting tour where we were driven around in a van to five different wineries. Our tour guide was a professional impersonator and was very entertaining. Or we were very drunk from wine tasting at five wineries. Anyways, Napa is beautiful, peaceful, and I want to go back!
This is a cow in front of a Mexican restaurant in Napa that was amazing. In case you couldn't tell, I love Mexican food.

From Napa we went to San Francisco. San Francisco is one of my absolute favorite cities. I think my top 3 would be San Francisco, Rome, and Chicago, in no particular order. I loved everything about San Fran, the food, the people, the beautiful scenery. The only thing that was wrong with this trip was that we were not in San Fran for long enough and I didn't get a chance to explore all the museums, which would take a very long time. But we did go to a bar where supposedly Jack Kerouac hung out.

I love Jack Kerouac, On the Road is another one of my favorite books. I guess I have a thing for American Lit. I have a serious case of wanderlust right now and I am dying to go on another road trip. Unfortunately, I don't have two weeks to wander around California, but I would settle for a long weekend. All I know, is I need to get the hell out of Orange County for a bit.

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