Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dare I Say...

I am actually excited for football season. I have spent my entire life hating this sport. Then along came Brady, Brady who lives for sports, Brady who specifically lives for college football, Brady who went to University of Michigan and loves his Wolverines. I mean loves 'em. Like our wedding colors were maize and blue. Our grand entrance to our reception was to "Hail to the Victors." He loves him some Michigan.

Going to a non-sporting school (although UCSB did have a killer ultimate Frisbee team), I never fully appreciated the school spirit that a true football school has. Until we went to the Rose Bowl in January 2007. It is seriously intoxicating. You just can't help but be excited. Look at this guy, he painted himself maize and blue, I just had never seen that before. There is no way anyone at UCSB would take the time to actually paint themselves the school colors when there was cheap light beer waiting to be consumed. And I love marching bands, Drumline is one of my favorite movies. Michigan has an amazing marching band.

The Rose Bowl was my first college football game, not bad. And while I didn't understand all they plays or really what was going on, it was still exciting to watch. As Brady and I prepare to enter our fourth football season together, I am actually starting to enjoy the game. I was sort of forced to, or else I wouldn't see Brady on Saturdays in the Fall. And let me qualify my growing feelings for football, I like college football. I think professional athletes are overpaid babies.

And I love cheerleading. I was not a cheerleader in high school (I was on the dance team, for a bit) but I wish I had seriously tried out for the squad. When I was in eighth grade I tried out for the freshman cheer squad. It was a week of training and then try-outs. After two days of training my mother convinced me that it was sexist to be a cheerleader and I should not "shake it" for football players. So I dropped out of the try-outs. But then I decided my mom was wrong and tried out anyways, without knowing the routine. Needless to say, I did not make the squad and was too scarred to ever try again. Damn mom and her stance against sexism.

So while I am a Santa Barbara girl at heart, I do love me some Michigan football and I am excited for the season to begin. Also because football season means fried food and beer. And that is ok with me (but not with weight watchers, hmmm).

And while I am talking about college football, I must add this: I HATE USC football. I hate everything about them, they are spoiled brats. And does anyone remember USC football in the 1990s? They sucked, and they will suck again. And I will be waiting for them to suck again. And then I will laugh at all the fairweather fans who ditch them. Wow, did I really just have a rant about football?

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