Monday, September 28, 2009

A Score To Settle

When Brady and I moved in together, my parents were none too pleased about the whole "living in sin" situation. That Christmas, I thought I would try to be grown-up and show my family that I was taking my new living situation seriously, making a life for Brady and me, and that I had become a domestic goddess. So I baked chocolate chip cookies for my family's Christmas Eve dinner. And I burnt the heck out of them. I'm talking charcoal grilled cookies. But I brought them anyways, in a cute little basket of course. When my family saw the cookies they just about died laughing at my pathetic cookie attempt. A couple people politely took a bite of some, before spitting them out. My mom just kept saying how cute it was that I tried to be a grown up and bring something to the Christmas dinner. With all this ridicule, I ended up drowning my sorrows in wine, called Brady the Crusader Against Fun (I can't remember why, probably because he tried to take my wine away from me), and enjoyed Christmas morning with a hangover.

Needless to say I had a score to settle with chocolate chip cookies. Specifically the Tollhouse recipe. Watch out cookies, I'm about to own you.

Stephanie was there to assist me with the baking. I also got to break out my new hand mixer. Look at this bad boy, it just screams power.

The cookie process is going well, the dough actually looks like real cookie dough. But making the dough isn't my problem, it's the burning that I have issues with.

Looking good, looking real good.

Ta Da! Chocolate chip cookies that are not burned in the slightest! Success! Victory is mine! Take that chocolate chip cookie!

Back to my original Christmas cookie debacle. Like I said, my mom thought it was cute that I tried to bake, so she shellaced one of the cookies (shellac is a clear sealant used to preserve stuff for crafts). She left it on her dresser to dry. Later in the day, she walked past her dresser and looked at the shellaced cookie. It had a bite out of it. We came to find that my brother had seen the cookie and taken a bite out of it, shellac and all.

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  1. Great job with the cookies, they look yummy, I am trying not to lick the screen. Stupid diet!