Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Power of Underwear

Brady and I both own Michigan underwear. I got mine from Victoria's Secret. They have this super cute collegiate line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and such. Unfortunately, they do not have any UCSB gear, so I had to settle for Michigan. I'm not sure where Brady got his boxers, but since they make Michigan gnomes I am not surprised that Michigan boxers are also available.

Brady and I make sure to wear our underwear on game day. The night before, I make sure the laundry is done so that we have clean Michigan chonies. We did this for the first three games and Michigan won. The Bradys and their underwear have powers, I swear.

This past game day, Brady was in Vegas. I love me some Michigan football, but I have to admit that when Brady isn't here I don't watch the games. But I do keep an eye on the score online. So, Saturday morning I go to the gym. When I get home I check the game, its halftime and Michigan is losing. Crap! I'm not wearing my underwear! I ran upstairs, took a shower and put my Michigan undies on. I texted Brady that the game was going to be ok as I was now wearing my underwear.

Michigan won the game versus Indiana. When Brady got home on Sunday, we caught up about our weekends. I was telling him how I wasn't wearing my Michigan underwear for the first half of the game and that I was glad that I put it on and they won. He then informed me that he was not wearing his Michigan boxers during the first half either because he had gotten dressed in the dark (not wanting to wake his buddy) and he couldn't find them in his suitcase. But, he did go to his hotel room and halftime and found them and put them on. And Michigan won. It is apparent to me that the Bradys and their Michigan underwear have true magical powers, it is imperative that we continue wearing them on game day. I can't believe that I am actually participating in a sports superstition. And Brady would like it noted that he wears boxers, not briefs.

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  1. This is such a funny tradition, I laughed so hard. Thanks for sharing.