Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bedroom Makeover, Take Two

Even though I just bought new bedding, I wasn't happy with it. It didn't quite match and it didn't have the sophisticated look I wanted. My mom buys new bedding constantly, apparently it's in our genes to want to constantly update our look. Macy's is having a huge home sale right now and I had that coupon for Michael's for 50% off.

This was Brady's nightstand. It's cute that he kept his hamper from when he was a little kid, but I'm over it being in our bedroom. And I looked inside it today, there was an old pair of shoes and a bunch of old hangers. Not even an efficient use of storage.

So a new bed ensemble ($50 for 7 pieces, such a deal) and a Ficus tree from Michael's. I think it looks a lot better. Although, right after I took this picture, Frank jumped on the bed andsnagged the bedspread. At least it was only $50.


  1. It looks so pretty, great job! Now just a little paint and it will be PURRRRFECT!

  2. looks great! now a headboard would really complete the look :)--E