Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday Funday.

This past Sunday, Brady and I headed down to Huntington Beach to celebrate my friend Rachel's birthday. The birthday party consisted of most of my college girlfriends. I love seeing my college girls, they are so much fun. We have a blast reminiscing and cracking up about our college stories. However, every time I see them, I forgot that I'm not still in college and that my body definitely does not metabolize alcohol like it did in college. Luckily, I have my advil cold and sinus hangover remedy. It works like a charm.

The party started at Black Bull Chop House in Huntington Beach for brunch. The brunch was okay, pretty typical brunch fare. But it included all-you-can-drink champagne. Which our very slow waiter, put in a bottomless carafe for our table. This is probably where we all went wrong. I don't think the phrase "all-you-can-drink" should ever be used in relation to alcohol

After brunch, we headed to Kilarney's. There was a group of guys dressed up as Mormons doing a pub crawl. Of course, I didn't realize it was a joke and was like, "hey did everyone see the Mormons in the bar? Isn't that weird?" I then noticed that their shirts were written all over with markers and they were pounding shots.

We ended that day at the Aloha Grill, mind you after Kilarney's we went to Hurricanes. We ended up doing our own mini impromptu pub crawl. The Aloha Grill is know for their rainbow drink which is like a grown up slushee with all the flavors mixed together. Brady and I were a couple of steps behind the group, when we got to the Aloha Grill, my friends had wiped out the slushee machine and it was going to take a long time for the slushee to solidify into something other than pure liquid. So we had mai tais and pretended we were in Hawaii.

And after a champagne brunch, Kilarney's, Hurricane's, and Aloha Grill, I just had to give my husband a big ol' kiss on the cheek. Or something like that.

I will have you know, that the next morning (Labor Day) I was up at 8 am and went to the gym for yoga with my sister. I also vacuumed the house, washed the bullies, cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, and cleaned the kitchen. My productivity makes me feel a little bit better about spending a day pretending I was still in college.

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  1. Goodness I was not NEARLY as productive and I left early. I will make up for it today, you have shamed me into it :)