Monday, September 21, 2009

Yay 100 Posts!

It is currently 3:16 am and I am awake, wide awake. I can hear my husband and bulldogs snoring and I am so jealous of the deep sleep they are enjoying. I would like to be asleep, but no, I had to take a whole bunch of cold medicine which usually makes me pass out and now I'm wide awake.

I'm trying to make myself sleepy by playing on the internet. I should probably do some work, that always makes me sleepy. Or read some Jane Austen,wait, that just makes me want to poke myself in the eye with a fork. In my playing on the internet, I noticed that I have written 100 posts on my blog! This makes me very happy, I'm happy that I started the blog and kept with it. I try to post something at least every other day and so far I've been pretty good about it. I'm glad that my blog hasn't not fallen by the wayside like my other projects (sorry scarf and kitchen table waiting to be stained, your time is coming, promise!).

When I started blogging I wasn't sure what I was going to write about it. I just sort of write about what's going on in my life and try to add some pictures to keep it interesting. When I started it was fun, but I didn't realize how important the blog would become to me. It feels really good to have a creative outlet, even if that outlet is just a blurb about what I did that day. When I was younger I used to write, a lot. I never did much with it, but the process of writing something, anything, was cathartic. Even if it was just a little poem about trees. Somewhere in college I just stopped writing, probably because I was so consumed with writing for classes. Now my writing on this blog isn't groundbreaking or anything, but just the act of sitting down and putting my thoughts into words feels good.

This blog has really had a positive impact on my life. It has satisfied a need to create something and has provided me with a forum to speak my mind. It also gives me a space to showcase all my bulldog photos which is nice because I think facebook was getting a little sick of them. Thank you very much to all my friends and family who have supported me on this little ol' blog. Special thanks to Rogue, she encouraged me to start this blog, leaves me comments that make me smile, and helps me with all my technical issues, thanks Rogue!

Now I need to get Brady to start a blog. I really think he should, he's a great writer. And he needs to do something with all that sports knowledge. I watch a lot of sports with Brady, and I'm sure his commentary is witty and insightful but it's lost on me. A blog would be a perfect place for all his sports thoughts. Brady, if you are reading this, go start a blog....and take out the trash, thanks baby.

Ok, now I'm going to try this sleep thing again. And if this post didn't make any sense, its the advil cold and sinus talking, I swear.
And here is another bulldog picture for good measure.


  1. Mrs. Rogue is to blame :) for all of our blogs I see. She is such a good influence except when it comes to the goose. Lol! I love your blog girl! Keep it up.

  2. So sweet, I am glad that you love your blog as much as I love mine. Keep it up. Mrs. Rogue Hearts your blog.