Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday Night at a Wine Bar

When Brady and I disagree about something, he is almost always right. If we are talking about directions or a history fact, I am always, always wrong. This past Saturday night, I was right, I was so right. I was not happy that I was right, but I was right anyways.

We had plans to go to a wine bar with Brady's family at 7pm. At about 5pm, I started asking what we should do for dinner, should we eat before we leave or wait? Brady said, we are eating dinner there. I said, I don't think wine bars serve food, we should probably eat now. Brady said, no we are eating dinner there. Ok fine.

So we get to the wine bar and there is no food. Wait, you can get hummus or bruschetta. Both of which I'm pretty sure were from Trader Joe's. I'm not going to even get started on the wine. Or the wannabe Santana cover band that was playing. But I was so right, there was no food at the wine bar.

The wine bar was in a strip mall, with a bunch of places to eat. Other people were hungry too, so Brady was sent out to get Wahoo's. He returned with a bucket of frozen yogurt. Wahoo's was closed. I was starting to get annoyed. Not at Brady, just at the situation. Because I was hungry...and I was right, we should have eaten first. It's hard to drink crappy wine on an empty stomach. And I ain't gonna lie, if I don't eat, I get cranky. Sometimes, I try to play it off like my blood sugar is low and I'm hypoglycemic and I have to eat in a timely manner for health reasons, but I'm really just always hungry.

Plus the beer at the wine bar was super warm. Warm beer + no dinner + crappy cover band = a not amused Brady.

By the way, I chopped off all my hair! I love it! It's so much easier to style and so much fun. Plus by the time I'm sick of it, it will have grown back.

Eventually, someone went to BJ's and brought back a pizza. I have never seen a group of people tear into a pizza like they did at the wine bar. These were hungry, slightly tipsy people. That pizza didn't have a chance in hell of surviving.

I hope the wine bar proprietor takes the hint that when people have to leave your establishment in search of food and bring it back, maybe their should be some food on the menu.


  1. I get super crabby when I dont eat too. Good job on getting the photo of the pizza BEFORE you ate it this time :)

  2. I get a special super sized brand of bitchy when I don't get food in me on regular intervals. I always warn people especially men in advance.