Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goodbye Little Maddie

Last night my mom was walking Maddie and Jaeger. My mom was walking back to her house and Maddie was following behind her. In a flash, Maddie was gone, she was snatched by a coyote. My mom ran after her, but there were two coyotes and nothing could be done.

To say that my family is devastated is a gross understatement. We, especially my mom, loved that dog. Maddie was just over four years old, her time on this earth was far too short.

She was a sweet little dog, she doted on my mom who returned the feelings. She loved to snuggle with my mom in bed. Maddie loved to chase her tiny little balls and chew on miniature rawhide bones. She barked like crazy when someone came to the door but once you were inside the house, she ran up to you, wagging her little nub of a tail, excited as can be.

My family treats our dogs like members of the family. It is heartbreaking for me to write this, to look at her picture. But in a desperate attempt to feel less heartbroken, I wanted to acknowledge her and acknowledge how I was feeling. I am saddened about the loss of Maddie's short life and saddened about the tremendous loss my mom is experiencing. My mom was the most attached to Maddie, they were inseparable. Wherever my mom went, Maddie would be right behind her, with the little bell on her collar jingling happily. My grandma assured me that Maddie was in heaven and that thought comforted me. I know some people will think I'm crazy for feeling this way; but, again, Maddie was truly part of our family. I know there are some people out there who would understand. I can't even imagine going to my parents' house without her greeting me with little yappy barks and a wagging tail.

Goodbye little Maddie. You were a sweet, scruffy, yappy, little dog, and my family and I loved every inch of you. As crazy as it may be, I am still clinging on to a scrap of hope that you escaped and will find your way home. And I want to remind everyone, to be very careful walking your dog at night. Coyotes do exist in suburban areas and they are not afraid of people.


  1. This is devastating to hear and it makes me cling to my baby even closer. This makes me so sad to read and I understand the loss of a pet but can not imagine what I would be going through if I lost Baby E to a coyote. This would be devastating. I am sending you and your mom hugs and pray that Maddie got away. If not I hope she is barking loudly and proudly in doggie heaven with my Zeus. Oh crap! Now I am crying. xoxoxo myLA and Baby E

  2. This is so HORRIBLE I am so sorry for you and your family. My prayers are with you as you try and mend from this horrible loss. :(