Monday, September 21, 2009

An Ear Infection, A Spare Room, and A Baby

This weekend I was lucky enough to get a horribly painful ear infection. I went to the doctor this morning to get something, anything, to get rid of the infection. I love my doctor, she's so cute, and really nice. She's into technology, so I can make appointments online which is nice. She also puts up with all my silly questions and doesn't prescribe medication or tests that are not necessary. She's great.

So while I was there for my throbbing ear, I thought I would use the opportunity to ask a few pregnancy related questions. Brady and I aren't quite ready to "try," but we are thinking about the next year or so and I want to make sure that I am healthy and taking all the necessary precautions. I really just wanted to know about prenatal vitamins, which ones to take, when you should take them. My doctor told me that I should take one high in folic acid and start taking them about six months prior to becoming pregnant. I'm glad I asked because I read on the internet that non-pregnant women shouldn't take prenatal vitamins at all because the folic acid can be bad. Now that I think about it, that really doesn't make much sense, folic acid is in like broccoli and that is good for you. Again, it's a good thing I thought to ask my doctor because I'm clearly getting faulty medical advice from the internet.

So I want to take the next year to get as healthy as possible, get my weight down to my goal, take my vitamins, etc. I'm also pretty sure it is going to take us a year and nine months to deal with this:

This is our guest room/nursery/the dark abyss where all our crap that doesn't have a home goes. It is a gigantic mess and when we do have a baby, I have no idea where all this junk is going to go as the rest of our house is already full.

And the thing is, it really isn't junk. There is a lot of very expensive sports memorabilia in there. As well as some nice furniture and art work.

Oh look, here is a big container of all my kitchen gadgets. The spare room upstairs is the perfect place for all this stuff. In my defense, I had to put all this stuff in the spare room when we had our cabinets ripped out due to mold, But that was a few weeks ago, our kitchen is put back together, and I have yet to put it all back.

And there are random pictures that were never really unpacked from our last apartment.

So before a baby comes, this room needs to be dealt with and painted. It still has the prior owner's paint job which was for a litte girl's bedroom. Obviously there will be more preparations than just this room but I'm focusing on this room because baby or not, I really want this room cleaned up and put in order. It is seriously messing with my chi having such a disorganized room.

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