Saturday, September 19, 2009

OMG You Guys!

Last week, my wonderful baby sister took me to see Legally Blonde the Musical at Orange County Performing Arts Center.

First of all let me say that OCPAC is a great place to see a show. I've seen lots of shows in Los Angeles and OCPAC totally rivals the production value and the tickets are usually a bit cheaper.

Second, I loved the movie Legally Blonde. I saw it in a movie theater that my sorority had rented out for an event with our new pledges. I wouldn't say it is the reason I went to law school but it definitely got me thinking about it. I loved the movie so much that I was a little nervous that the musical wouldn't live up to my expectations.

Third, I loved the musical. The music is great, the choreography is fantastic. There are some little changes from the movie that were really clever and worked really well on stage. There is also a fabulous Gloria Steinem reference. And of course, the bulldog in the show is adorable. Although I think Frank would have been a better pick.

Legally Blonde's depiction of law school is surprisingly accurate. I saw people annihilated for not being prepared in class. Thankfully, I never got it too bad, I was always prepared. I do remember that on our first day of property in our first year, there was a case about riparian rights. I had read the case but kinda just grazed over the word "riparian" even though I had no idea what it meant. Luckily someone else got called on and explained the case which was about water rights. "Riparian" means water? What? Why don't they just say water? Then I realized that had I been called on, I probably would have been kicked out of class for not having a freaking clue what the actual case was about. And that's when I bought a Black's Law Dictionary and took it everywhere with me. And I started briefing cases like a crazy person before each class. I even had this insane color coded highlighting system which never actually worked because every word ended up being highlighted and I could never remember what each color meant.

Law school is also very cliquey and people can be very judgmental. I went to Chapman University School of Law, which my class quickly dubbed Chapman High. All through high school and college I never experienced such gossiping, rumors, and false impressions as I saw in law school. And I was in a sorority! There was so much nastiness about study groups, notes, outlines, who was dating who, who was sleeping with who, and who wanted to sleep with who. Are those "whos" supposed to be "whoms?" I can never remember that rule. Despite having an English degree, my grammar really sucks.

By my third year, I was so sick of all of it that I stopped attending law school social functions and was only on campus to go to class. At one point, Brady (who was then just my friend) came up to me and said "Where have you been? I haven't seen you around in a long time?" We had a little conversation about me being really busy, blah, blah, and it came up that I was single (I had recently gotten out of a horrific relationship). About a week later, Brady was chasing me down in the school parking lot and asking me to dinner. And with that I entered back into the law school social scene and started my life with Brady.

Overall, I did really enjoy law school. I had some amazing professors, I really enjoyed the majority of my classes (with the exception of federal income tax), had to opportunity to work in federal court, met great friends, and of course, met my husband. And back to my original point of this post, Legally Blonde the Musical is a fun show that I would definitely recommend.

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