Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm An Athlete Too!

I want this haircut and I want it bad. I know that if I chop all my hair off, I will hate it and cry for it to grow back. But this haircut is so cute. But I know I look bad with short hair. But it looked cute (as evidenced below) when I was in high school! Of course, I was also super in shape which I'm not at all now. Especially since I haven't gone to the gym once this week. I'm not sure short hair would look good on my slightly puffy body.

This picture was my senior year in high school, this is my goal weight for my 30th birthday, 140 pounds. I'm posting this picture to remind myself to get my butt in gear, that I can do this, to disregard the mince meat pie and brownie I ate today (fyi: mince meat pie is good and it is not meat), to go to the gym and watch my points.

I would also like to point out, that despite having no athletic ability and being entirely too uncoordinated, I am the only child in my family with a high school varsity letter. My sister and brother are extremely athletic, but I am the one with the letter. I actually had two letters. One for waterpolo, where I played on the first girls' team at my high school and the other for academics. I was kinda nerdy as well in high school. And I wasn't all that good at waterpolo either, since it was the first year they let everyone on the team. But I worked my butt off dammit!

And yes, I realize I post about my hair and weight a lot. I'm trying to stay focused on my Weight Watchers journey. I can't explain the obsession with my hair.


  1. Ok so I totally thought that other photo of your husband was too cute but this one beats it hands down. You are even doing the arm thing :) I have faith in you keep on track and keep inspiring others to follow in a weight loss journey.

  2. Give yourself some credit... Yes they let everyone on the team, but they DID make some people play on the JV team and you were a GOOD goalie!!!

  3. It will always be an ongoing journey. I am there with you girl! Keep it up! You can reach your goal! This is my new mantra because I too am focusing on that goal. 120 baby! 121 and 122 and 123 and 124 are bugging the crap out of me! LOL