Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Best. Husband. Ever.

This month Brady is taking two trips to Las Vegas, one with his grandma and a boys' trip later this month. Brady has to use all his vacation time in the next few weeks or else he loses it. Since I represent school districts, I am the busiest when school is in session, particularly in the Fall semester. I simply cannot take time off right now, so I'm not able to go with him to Vegas. I understand this, but that didn't stop me from acting like a little brat about not being able to go. I pouted, I whined, I cried, I shouted it wasn't fair, I stomped my foot, I want to go on vacay too!

Brady took me out to a nice dinner last weekend which made me feel better. Actually I was feeling pretty o.k. about not getting a vacation, it's good to be busy at work, Brady really needed some kind of reprieve and we are a planning a trip in December over Winter break.

Then Brady sends me this picture. Just a little reminder that I'm stuck in my office and he's in Vegas. When I looked at this picture on my blackberry, I was in a mad frenzy to get a pleading finished, interview a witness, get documents served, get a motion filed, etc., etc. Damn you Brady, I thought while shaking my fist in the air at no one in particular. Damn you and your vacay with your buffets and shopping and gambling and pools. Grrr.

Then I get this picture. What is this? This is the Tiffany key pendent that I have been drooling over. What the picture of the refreshing, crystal blue pool wasn't enough? Now you have to taunt me with a piece of jewelry that I desperately want? What have I done to deserve this? I even stayed up late the night before you left to do all your laundry! Why Brady, why?

But then I get this picture, a Tiffany's bag. A Tiffany's bag outside the Tiffany's store. A Tiffany's bag sitting on top of a video poker machine clearly indicating that Brady must have purchased something that was put in the Tiffany's bag so that he could carry it out of the store and be able to set it on top of a video poker machine. I frantically text him and confirm that he indeed has bought me a present from Tiffany's. Yay! This makes not going on vacation and being slammed with work totally worth it! Although I would have loved to have some time away with Brady, a present from Tiffany's is pretty good too. What a good husband!

Then he sends me this picture. Look closely. It's the lions at MGM Grand having some, um, "alone time." Except that everyone is watching. Kinky lions. And apparently taking pictures.

So I didn't get to go on vacation, but I have a very thoughtful husband who bought me a very nice present and I got to see two lions, um, doing their lion thing.

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