Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

It was about a month ago, when I first met Sebastian and saw that havoc he was about to wreck on my kitchen. Now after mold remediation and the rebuilding of my cabinets, my kitchen is finally back to normal again.

And I have my wonderful Uncle Rich to thank. When the mold was removed so was all the drywall from underneath my kitchen cabinets and the bottom part of the cabinets. Rich replaced all the drywall, making it fit perfectly into all the crevices and corners and he rebuilt the bottom of my cabinets. It looks awesome. Better yet, it looks like it did before the mold waged war. Now, I can put all my kitchen stuff away. Which is nice because it's been hiding in the abyss we call the "spare room." This is the room that is supposed to be a guest bedroom or Brady's sports memorabilia room or a nursery. But it is not any of those things because it has become a dumping ground for all our crap that has nowhere else to go.

But I digress, the point of this post was to say thank you to my uncle (even though I'm not sure he knows what a blog is). Thanks a million Uncle Rich, you're the best!

That's me at four weeks, I believe this is my first Easter. And I'm being held by my dear uncle who looks a little scared to be holding a baby.

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  1. I cant believe it has ONLY been a month seems like much much longer.