Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movie Weekend

This weekend Brady went to Vegas, again. I really had no plans for the weekend. Well I had planned to get a bunch of work done, that plan definitely did not pan out. Instead I watched a bunch of movies.

I started off with Clerks. I love this movie, totally simple, black and white, not much of a plot line, but it has some of the best dialogue ever. The acting is not the greatest, actually some of the acting is horrendous, but the one-liners kill me every time. Clerks makes me wish I had a mindless, drone of a job, where I would never be stressed because I would never have to really think about anything or do a good Randall. I would just be a smart ass to everyone, leave my store whenever I wanted, and not care. But then I probably wouldn't have a house or be able to pay my bills, eat, which I guess is kind of important.

Next, I watched Roman Holiday. I love Audrey Hepburn but I had only seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, one of my favorites. After seeing Roman Holiday, I realized that Audrey Hepburn is one of those actresses that, while adorable, always plays herself. This was a cute movie, not much too it. I really enjoyed the Roman scenery. I went to Rome in 1997 and absolutely loved it, I've been dying to go back. And Gregory Peck is pretty easy on the eyes. I just love the look of a clean cut man in a nice suit, you just don't see that anymore. Occasionally, I see Brady in a suit before he goes to court, and he looks darn good in a suit. But when he goes to court he gets up really early and I'm usually still asleep.

Then I watched Chinatown. This is great, kinda crazy, kinda disturbing movie. And young Jack Nicholson? Nuff said. I found it pretty funny that the day after I watched this Roman Polanski finally was arrested. Polanski directed Chinatown, this was his last American film before he was convicted of statutory rape and fled to France to avoid sentencing. This movie is an entertaining private eye/detective story but it is also very historical. It tells a fictionalized story of the corruption of Los Angeles bringing water from the Owens River to the San Fernando Valley, essentially creating the "Valley." I first saw this movie in a Chicano Studies class in college, we were studying the development of Los Angeles and the role of minorities. I loved that class, it was intriguing and eye-opening. I was one of a few white people in the class. It was me and a couple of white guys, who always raised their hands and tried to tell stories of how they were discriminated against too. I would always think, really? You guys sound like jackasses. It reminded me that such classes were still needed and people's minds and eyes still required opening.

I did get a lot of housework and yardwork done this weekend as well. I wasn't just a total bum watching movies. Well I was a pretty big bum. But that's what the weekend is for, right?

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  1. How is that table going? Movie weekends are sometimes MUCH needed.