Sunday, July 12, 2009

You Dirty Dog

Here is a brief lesson in how to wash a dog. First you need a dog, a dirty dog. Frank has kindly agreed to be my model and he is quite dirty.

Next you need dog shampoo. I love this stuff, it smells like oatmeal cookies and is very gentle. Frank has very sensitive skin so he appreciates this. I found this shampoo at Petsmart.

You will also need old towels and peanut butter. Peanut butter?

Yes, peanut butter! Today was my first time trying this trick. I smeared a bit of peanut butter on the tub where I wanted Frank to stand so that I and the water could easily reach him. He loved it and I had him right where I wanted him.

Now begins the actual bath, rinse your dog and get him all nice and sudsy. This process was much easier today with the use of the peanut butter.

After you are done with a thorough sudsing, rinse your dog completely. It is very important to get all the soap out of his fur, any leftover residue could cause skin irritation. Again, this was so much easier with the peanut butter. Frank just stood still the entire time and did not try to escape from the tub.

After your dog is completely rinsed off, towel dry! Some people use a blow dryer but bulldogs have very short coarse fur, so a blow dryer does not really work. Plus the noise scares the heck out of them.

And there you go, an easy dog bath. Well, I still had to heave 60 pounds of bulldog into the tub and then repeat the whole process with my other bulldog Mickey. So it really was not that easy for me. Which is why I'm enjoying a glass of wine now. The dogs got peanut butter, I got wine, everyone is happy.

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  1. ha - i am so going to try this peanut butter trick. I was suprised you were able to take photos while you do this.