Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Lately it seems like everything has been going wrong. Here is a small sampling of the trials and tribulations in my life currently:

1. There is mold growing in my kitchen, black, disgusting mold. I fear that drywall will have to be ripped out.
2. My dryer broke and cost $200 to fix.
3. My brakes and master cylinder in my car had to be replaced.
4. My bulldog Frank is experiencing head tremors and we don't know why.
5. I don't have the money I need to buy my new camera.
6. My backyard is an embarrassing mess and I'm hosting a dinner party in 3 weeks.
7. I feel like we will never be able to afford a baby (i.e. daycare).
8. My bedroom looks like 2 college kids live there.
9. My house is being invaded by ants.

Ok, that was depressing. Let's think of some positive things.

1. I have a wonderful, loving husband; despite the fact that he does not do dishes.
2. I am healthy and my weight loss journey is progressing nicely.
3. I have a job, a job that I actually like a lot.
4. I have great friends and I got to see a lot of them this past weekend which was a blast.
5. My car did not blow up with me in it and I fixed it before it became dangerous.
6. My dryer did not catch on fire.
7. The black mold has not made anyone sick and I believe I am catching it in its early stage before it does major damage.
8. Frank does not appear to care that he has head tremors; probably because I give him vanilla ice cream when it happens.
9. Mickey is totally healthy.
10. I have an awesome family and I get to see them tonight.

Ok, the positive things outweighed the negative, even it was just by one. I feel better now. I shall return to work so that I can keep the job that I actually like!

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  1. OH NO, when it rains it sometimes poors. I like that your positive things outweight the negative ones.