Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Trip to the Fair

Last week, Brady, Stephie and I went to the Orange County Fair. I love, love, love the fair. I beg every year to go even though it is always the same as the previous year.

I love all the vibrant colors, kitschy prizes, crazy deep fried food, the animals, and of course the people watching. The fair brings together all walks of life. Although my favorite are the girls who have clearly never been to a fair and are on a date, they show up in a little white sun dress and four inch heels to go walk around the sawdust, animal droppings, dirt and such.

As he does every year, Brady tried, unsuccessfully, to win me a prize. Although he did win me two prizes in Santa Cruz the weekend before. I wasn't there, I must make him nervous when I'm standing behind him yelling "I want the biggest stuffed animal there is!"

I like to look at the rides, but not go on them. I just do not trust them and I know that I will probably lose all my fair food after one ride.
Oh fair food, how I love you, and how you hate me and weight watchers. I mean, come on, they are serving tortilla chips in dog bowls and those corn dogs are as long as my arm....heaven.

We paid a dollar to see the world's largest steer. He was large and in charge, this picture does not do him justice.

And here is a perfect example of why I need a new camera, this picture would be awesome but its so grainy because all I have is a cruddy point and shoot digital camera. Oh Nikon D40 you will be mine soon.
Pregnant goat, she looks like she's ready to get the show on the road.

Once again, fair food, curly fries drenched in cheese. Brady bought these, set them down to get napkins and returned to find an empty plate and two sisters with cheese on their chins, oops.

The only ride I will go on is the Ferris wheel and even that gives me the willies. But the view is amazing.

I opted to not post the picture of my sister doing indecent things to this cow.

After a night at the fair my dogs were barking (that sounds like fair talk right?), luckily I have a nice strong husband.

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