Thursday, July 16, 2009

Size Does Matter

As an attorney, I own many boring, grey, black, and dark brown work clothes. I have skirts and pants in these drab colors all with nicely coordinating neutral tops. Totally boring. Today I knew I would be in the office all day working on a pleading so it did not really matter what I wore. I decided to be sassy and pulled out a colorful, print, cotton skirt from my closet. Then I thought, wait this skirt is really old, I bet it doesn't even fit anymore. I looked at the tag, size 8. I thought nice try, this is never going to fit, better pick out a grey skirt. I stared at that size 8 tag for a while and decided, what the hell, I'll give it a try. I pulled it on, zipped it up, and it fit! Oh happy day! I stared in the mirror, thinking I cannot believe I am wearing a size 8 again, yes! For a while I have been consistently wearing a size 12, even, oh the horror, a size 14 (hey H and M runs small, its not my fault, I swear!). So even though I am stuck in my office all day working, every now and then I am going to get up and do a happy dance because I am wearing a size 8! Plus my happy dance might burn some calories, size 6 here I come!

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