Saturday, July 11, 2009

Never Cook on a Saturday Night

Hello! Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while but could not think of a cute and clever name. I'm not sure if "Never Cook on a Saturday Night" is all that cute and/or clever, but it has special meaning to me. "Never Cook on a Saturday Night" is my mother's sage piece of relationship advice. She has told me this for years and years, because Saturday is date night and one should not be bothering with grocery shopping, the labor of cooking (which I do love to do, but the way I cook it is always labor intensive), and all the dishes. To me this piece of advice means that on Saturday night one should be spending time with their significant other/family/friends and truly enjoying that time without the muss and fuss of preparing a meal. Saturday night should be a time of celebrating having made it through the week, celebrating life, celebrating fun, and most importantly, celebrating not having to do any dishes.

So what am I doing on this Saturday night? Well my husband is out of town and I thought about calling some friends to see if anything fun was going on, but ultimately decided that I needed a little Courtney time and I have planned out quite the nice Saturday night for myself.

And funny enough, I am going to cook.

I am going to make myself eggplant curry over basmati rice because my husband hates eggplant and curry. I cannot even imagine what he would do if he ever saw the two combined, probably run to the nearest Del Taco pronto. But since he is out of town and eggplant and curry are two of my absolute favorites, I am going to enjoy them safely outside of his presence. This also does not really count as cooking since the eggplant curry is coming from a can, its more of heating up food on a Saturday night which is okay.

Of course wine will be involved.

I am not going to drink both bottles by myself but BevMo is having their 5 cents sale and I am excited about the good deal I got on my wine. I love wine and I like to think that I know something about wine, but in reality I usually buy wine based off the labels.

Since I'm going to need something to do while I'm eating my eggplant curry and drinking wine,

I have picked out two of my all time favorite movies, Trainspotting and Rent. I have seen each about a million times and I never tire of them. I love Trainspotting for its arresting imagery, awesome soundtrack, and the fact that it in no way resembles my life whatsoever, its pure escapism at its best. I first saw Rent at the Orange County Performing Arts Center and was touched and moved by it. The message behind Rent of community, looking after one another and "no day but today" led me to leave the practice of insurance defense and find something more fulfilling which ended up being special education law. While watching movies, I'm going to ready Moloka'i, which is the latest pick for my book club. It is an excellent read so far and I'm excited to lose myself in it tonight.

And there you have it, my exciting (if only to me) Saturday night.

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  1. I am so excited that you have finally started a blog. And I love the name (especially the double play on cook).