Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little Family Time

Tonight I went over to my parents to hang out and have dinner. My sister joined us because she had to do laundry. As annoying as owning a home can be, I am extremely grateful that I no longer have to cart my laundry to my parents.

This is my mom's baby Maddie. She is a yippy little ragamuffin but we love all 8 pounds of her.

And this is my dad's baby Jaeger, as in the disgusting alcoholic drink. My dad did not name him, he was my brother's best friend's dog. Mark got him while he was at San Diego State, big surprise he ended up with the name Jaeger.

We got The Hat for dinner. The Hat is a pastrami place that I dislike greatly, its all just gross junk, gross pastrami and most people who have eaten The Hat would punch me in the face for saying that because supposedly its the best pastrami sandwich ever. I wouldn't know because I had a turkey sandwich on wheat (weight watchers would be so proud).

Here is something that I don't understand, here is what my sister ate for dinner, pastrami sandwich and chili cheese fries.

Yet she is always thinner than me! She eats fast food every day, never works out and is at least 20 pounds lighter than me. Damn you almost 30 year old metabolism!

Then again, she has always been a voracious eater. Mmmm, spaghetti!

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