Saturday, March 13, 2010

What A Relief

Brady and I have had a string of bad luck in the financial area lately. We got absolutely hosed on our taxes and we were definitely not expecting that. Mickey suffered a pretty serious injury to her paw which was scary and costly. We are trying to save up for the baby and for my time off from work but it seems like everywhere we turn there is another thing to pay for.

And then Brady's car started smoking and smelling like burnt plastic when he drove it. We tried to ignore it and see if it would go away, but we kept smelling the awful smell. Obviously something was seriously wrong with the car. We were finally able to take it in to the shop today. On the way there we speculated as to how much it would cost, how we would pay for, whether it be better to just buy a new car (Brady's car is getting pretty old). It was a somber ride as we prepared for the worst.

We pulled into the shop's garage and Brady explained the problem to the mechanic. The mechanic said "yeah I could totally smell the burning when you pulled in." Great, I thought, it really is bad. We went into the waiting room to wait for his diagnosis.

Another mechanic came in and delivered the news, a plastic grocery bag was caught around the exhaust pipe and the plastic had melted causing the awful smell. That's it? A plastic bag? Really? I was about to junk the car and buy a new one! Finally, something that didn't cost a fortune! A little bit of good luck! The mechanic removed the plastic bag and we were on our way with a fully functioning, totally fine car. Sweet.


  1. That is great news! Sometimes it is something small thank god.

  2. That happened to us, too! Now we avoid plastic bags like the plague... :)