Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ultrasound Protocol

Today I had another ultrasound to check a few things out and everything looked great. I never get tired of seeing Baby Brady. I do, however, find the ultrasound process a little strange. First of all, the medical technology that allows you to see your unborn child freaks me out a little. I mean, it is just a little too sci fi to be able to see inside your body like that.

And second, I never know how to respond to the ultrasound technician during the ultrasound. I always feel like Miranda from Sex and the City, when she had to feign excitement about being pregnant. Of course I am excited for my baby and it is amazing to see him on the screen but when the technician says "oh there's the head," "oh can you see his feet?" I get all awkward and can't think of anything to say but "oh yeah, I see it." These technicians probably think I hate my baby. I'm just not a very touchy-feely, talkative kind of person. I don't like talking to waiters/waitresses, the nail lady, or my masseuse. Just do your job and let me relax and do my own thing. And I especially don't want to get all cutesy with the ultrasound technician who was totally bitchy and wouldn't wait five minutes to start for my husband.

This should be my last ultrasound unless a complication arises. If I have another one I'm going to think of some cute phrases to say to the technician so she doesn't think I'm a baby hater. Unless, I get another bitchy technician, then I'm just going to stay quiet.

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