Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby Steps

Today I am feeling very accomplished and slightly less overwhelmed because I finally ordered Baby Brady's crib! After looking at many, many options, I finally settled on the Babi Italia Pinehurst Classic crib in cherry espresso from Babies R Us. I saw it in the store and it just looked really nice and solid. I liked the color, style and it was a good price. I'm not too crazy about the dresser in the collection so I might have a bit of a challenge finding the dresser. But I decided that trying to find a matching dresser and crib where I loved both pieces just was not going to happen. FYI: this is a stationary side crib, I think this picture is old because it looks like the very dangerous dropside.

I also picked out the bedding. It's from Target and very cute. I love the little lion.

I registered for the big quilt even though I probably won't use it much. It's just so cute! I think I might throw it over the glider. Now, I need to get working on a potential mural for the walls. I think I want someone to recreate the characters on the blanket on the wall.

We are making progress people! Progress is good! Now I just need to pick out a dresser, stroller, car seat, crib mattress, bouncy chair thingy, a swing, pack n play...ok I'm starting to feel overwhelmed again!


  1. Great job, I really like the bedding you picked out. A mural with those charectors will look really cute I think. Oh and congrads for adding in linkwithin :)