Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Bit of Bad Luck

Brady and I have the absolute worst luck when it comes to gift cards. Don't get me wrong, I love getting them but something always ends up going wrong with them.

For example, my friends got us a very generous gift card to a great wine bar for our engagement party. Then the wine bar closed, and I hadn't used the card yet so I threw it away thinking it was no longer worth anything. A couple of weeks later, I realized the wine bar had reopened and it was just closed for remodeling.

We were given a $50 gift card to home depot as a housewarming present. When we needed a new dishwasher we specifically went to home depot so we could use the card towards the cost. When we tried to redeem the card it had not been activated and we couldn't use it. It was one of those cards you buy at the grocery store which I swear are only activated properly about 50% of the time. This also happened to us with a gift card to the restaurant Chili's. Now I don't buy gift cards at the grocery store because I'm afraid they won't be properly activated.

For Christmas, my parents got us some sheets from J.C. Penney. But then we got a new bed so they were the wrong size. I returned the old sheets and got a gift card, waiting to purchase the sheets until I had picked out a new bed spread. Then I lost the stupid gift card.

The ultimate piece of gift card bad luck was tonight. We have been so good about saving money, not using credit cards, eating in, bringing our lunch, etc. We had this gift card to Ruth Chris Steakhouse for $100, a Christmas present from Brady's dad. We decided to treat ourselves to a nice, free dinner. We had salads, steaks, and dessert. It was not a small bill but covered by the gift card. So we tried to pay with the gift card and it was inactive! The computer system showed that the gift card had been bought and used on the same day. Totally does not make sense. We think that when Brady's dad bought the card he paid in cash (as he always does) and the Ruth Chris employee pocketed the cash and pulled a fast one with the gift card. So we just had a random, Thursday night dinner for $100.00. Grrrrr. I hope karma bites that Ruth Chris employee straight in the ass and hard.

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  1. wow Court, that is alot of amazingly crappy luck! I hope Karama gets him/her too. how shitty.