Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Found The One!

I am trying to be on top of things for when Baby Brady makes his debut. It's driving me crazy that his crib is here, in my house, in the nursery, and it is still not put together. I would put it together but I'm afraid that my handy skills would result in the crib crashing down in the middle of the night with my baby in it. That would be bad. So I must wait for Brady to do it.

Last week, in preparation for Baby Brady, I filled out his college applications. Just kidding, I'm not that crazy. But I did sign him up for daycare and put down a deposit to secure his place. I ended up choosing a daycare center over in home daycare. I toured a couple of in home daycares but never felt really comfortable with them.

I really like my daycare center. It is in a very upscale resdential neighborhood. I would actually like to live in this neighborhood, but that is many, many years away. I think that these daycare centers are probably all pretty similar but I loved the staff at this one. They were very attentive, genuine, and seemed to truly love what they were doing. When I went back the second time, they remembered me and my baby's name which I thought was really cute. I liked their philosophy of childcare, it was super clean, it just felt right.

I have been to the center twice and both time the babies in the infant room looked really happy. It's kind of strange to judge the daycare by the kids reaction, but they were having a blast and didn't seem to mind at all that they were in daycare. I really think that babies and children do just fine in daycare and that all the anxiety resides pretty much in the parents' heads. While I am very comfortable with my decision to be a working mom, I am anxious about putting my baby in daycare. But I am feeling better now that I have seen the daycare a couple of times, at different times during the day. The babies look happy and so I will be happy with my choice.

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