Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There Is Always One

There's always one. One in every class. It could be high school, college, or law school. There is always that one super annoying student that you just cannot stand. That student usually has one of the following characteristics:

- They raise their hand for every question and shout out the answer before they are called on.
- Their answers are always wrong, even moronic, and you wonder why they even bothered to open their mouth.
- They have no sense of personal space and push out their chair from the desk so far that they are practically sitting on top of you.
- They breathe heavy, like they just ran a marathon and are about to collapse, except that they are just sitting there.
- They smell slightly strange, just strange enough for you to notice.
- When the teacher is trying to wrap up class and asks if there are any more questions, they always have another question.
- They laugh inappropriately at the teacher's failed sense of humor.

I could go on but you get the idea. I was in school for a long, long time. I have had many annoying classmates. But I have met the most annoying classmate ever in my sister's confirmation class. Stephanie is getting confirmed in the Catholic church and I am her sponser which means I have to go to all the classes with her (even though I was confirmed when I was 15). And there is this one guy that embodies all of the above-described characteristics. He is so unbelievably annoying. I want to make a Dos Equis commerical about him. Instead of "the most interesting man in the world," the booming voice would announce "the most annoying student in the world."

Let me just leave you with a couple of the stupid things he says. Yes, I know it is terrible to talk trash about somebody in a church class, but I'm pretty sure that the big man himself realizes how annoying he is. One class we were talking about the "kingdom of God" and the teacher asked what that phrase meant. This guy yelled out, "castle." Castle? Really? Yea, God lives in a castle, that makes a ton of sense.

In another class we were talking about the word homogenous. The teacher was breaking the word down in parts and asked what does "homo" mean. The annoying guy yelled out, "home." The teacher looked at him like he was a moron and said, "no, think of homosexual, what does homo mean?" And the guy yelled out, "bad." So not only is he a moron but he is a close-minded jerk too.

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