Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Dirty Thirty in Vegas

This weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday and a very good friend's wedding in Las Vegas. I was completely dreading my 30th birthday, but I ended up having a wonderful birthday and had a great time at the wedding.

We stayed at the Bellagio. Brady and I go to Vegas a lot and I've stayed at a lot of the hotels on the strip. We had a great corner room with fantastic views but I was not in love with the Bellagio. I think I prefer the Wynn or theHotel (at Mandalay Bay).

Brady and I kicked off my birthday bright and early with the breakfast buffet at the Bellagio. The buffet is amazing and huge. One of the best Vegas buffets I have ever visited. One of the best things about being pregnant in Vegas is feeling great in the morning when everyone else is hating life. Although I did not appreciate listening to the guys at the table next to me talk about how they had thrown up, were about to throw up, wished they could throw up, etc.

This is how a pregnant lady handles a buffet, see the fruit for the baby?

We walked around the Bellagio gardens, it was a Chinese New Year Theme. It is the Year of the Tiger which I think is a very good year for our son to be born in .

After breakfast, Brady said we had a ten o'clock appointment for my birthday present but would not tell me what it is. He walked me to Tiffany's and made me go up to the counter and ask if they had something for Brady and they did; he had bought me a beautiful bracelet! After that, I enjoyed a wonderful expectant mother massage purchased by a wonderful friend. Then it was time for the wedding!

I didn't take any pictures during the wedding. I've stopped doing that ever since I got in the way of the photographer at a friend's wedding. I try not to be an annoying guest, sometimes it works.

Brady and me at the reception. I'm 24 weeks!

My senior year in college roommates. I love these girls!

Yay, the bride! She looked gorgeous, the wedding and reception were beautiful and lots of fun. Many congrats to the happy couple!

The next day, Brady and I got up early went to Serendipty on the recommendation of a friend to try the frozen hot chocolate. We had to try one of these doughnuts, it was the size of my head!

Mmmmm, doughnuts...

We wrapped up the trip with the water show in front of the Bellagio and a great lunch with Brady's sister. Then it was back on the road to go see our bullies who were being watched by my sister. Thank you, thank you, thank you Steph for watching the bullies!

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