Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad's birthday was a couple days ago so I am a little late with his happy birthday post but it was a crazy week at work and I know he'll forgive me because that's what dads do.

Happy Birthday Daddy! Thank you for always being there for me, with all your dad wisdom even it you are a man of few words.

Father-Daughter High School Dance, I think this is around 1996. My dad rocks a sweet mullet.

Thank you for all the times you helped me move, even when my apartment was on the third floor with no elevator. Thank you for buying me a fancy new mountain bike when I went to college even though I had no idea how to change the gears and ended up crashing into a curb in front of a bunch of people and never riding the bike again.

My wedding, October 11, 2008. My dad was an excellent Father of the Bride. He even went to the dress salon to pick up my wedding dress.

Thank you for being there to meet all my dates in high school when they picked me up, even if you were conveniently cleaning your gun at the time. Thank you for attending all my dance recitals and competitions (and for leaving the event when I wasn't on stage to go buy me flowers). Thank you for supporting all my ventures into sports with buying me the best equipment and sending me to private coaches and sports camps, even though I very clearly sucked.

Thanksgiving 2009, he thinks we are crazy but loves us anyways.

Thank you for your corny jokes, your tireless work to provide for our family, your support of all my different career and educational adventures, and for just being a great dad.

Happy Birthday!

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