Sunday, January 31, 2010

Starting Early

So far I have been pretty good about holding back on buying stuff for Baby Brady. I don't want to buy too much now because it's still really early, I know I'm having a shower, and I have two big outlet trips planned. Also, I have a shopping addiction. I can get carried away, very quickly. So I have restrained myself.

But today at The Getty, Brady and I saw this book, Make Van Gogh's Messy Bed, a touch and feel book about Impressionist art. It is so cute! We couldn't resist and bought it for Baby Brady.

The book has major Impressionist paintings with something that baby can touch and feel. Like the netting on the tutu of Degas' ballerina. I used to be so obsessed with Degas' ballerinas, I had prints of them all over my bedroom. This was back in the day when I dreamt of becoming a ballerina. Too bad I royally sucked at ballet and had awful turn-out. For the record though, I was a kick-ass tap dancer.

Who doesn't love "Starry Night?" I know it's reproduced a ridiculous amount, but it's just so magical. And Baby Brady will be able to run his little fingers over the picture and feel the glittery swirls. So precious and educational!

With Brady being the biggest sports fan I have ever met, Baby Brady is going to be inundated with sports. I am glad he'll also have a little art education, just to make sure he is a well rounded infant. It's never too early to start thinking about those college applications. Just kidding...I think...I hope!

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