Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nursery Decisions

Last weekend I was deathly ill with the worst cold known to man, in fact I am still suffering from this horrendous cold and if you stand still long enough I will whine about it to you. Anyways, last weekend, I stayed in bed and researched cribs using the Baby Bargains book, reading online reviews, and price comparison. I have my crib/dresser combo narrowed down to two choices:

The first is the DaVinci Kalani crib in cherry:

And the matching dresser/changer combo:

This is actually the front runner right now. I think it looks classic and stylish, it is a good price, I like the color, it got good reviews, and good safety ratings.

My second choice is the Graco Kimberly dresser/changer:

And the Graco Sarah crib:
The Graco crib is a Baby Bargains top pick and it is a smoking good deal. But the dresser did not get very good online reviews. I'm so torn. The crib and dresser have to match or else the baby will think we don't love him enough to worry about properly decorating his nursery right? Maybe I need to sleep on it. I'm starting to sound like a crazy, sick, pregnant woman.


  1. I adore the second if we are voting :)

  2. Here's my two cents: go with the second dresser because it has more space on top to store diapers and a wipe warmer. The first dresser just has enough space for the baby and it will be difficult to change him if you're looking for diapers in the top drawer or on another piece of furniture nearby. EE

  3. I agree about the second dresser.
    Our experience is that we stopped using the changing table once Ruby was really rolling and crawling (i.e. when we had some errrr, close calls). The Graco one looks like you can ditch the changing table top and use it for storage as your little guy gets bigger.

  4. Oh and one more comment re: looking at cribs. We ended up with a SUPER deep crib thru hand-me-down that we shorties had to use a step stool for once we lowered the mattress after Ruby started to pull-up. And after the initial grumbling, its worked out for the best! A few of her little friends with shorter cribs have already made escape attempts at 18 months and she is nowhere near tall enough to try. If I were ever looking for a crib again, I would totally look for another deep crib (with tall sides, if that makes sense).
    Natalie (again)

  5. Good point, Natalie! My son is super tall for his age (at 9 months already over 2.5 ft) so he's towering over the side railing when he stands inside the crib. Our crib was a hand-me-down so I'm not complaining, but if I had bought one I would buy a deep crib because he's definitely goign to make a break for it in the next few months.--Erin