Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Change Is Good.

When I was younger and I wore jeans, I tugged out them constantly, always pulling them up so my thong wouldn't show. This picture is from a sorority/fraternity mixer thing and you can see that my oh so trendy low rise jeans are falling down. I have no words for the tube top. I think, I hope, this was some kind of theme party. I have no idea what that theme would be, sparkly maybe? I'm just hoping I didn't just walk around in public like that. Please note, I am 21 in this picture and cannot be held accountable for my wardrobe choices.

Now, when I wear jeans, I am constantly pulling my shirt down to make sure my belly panel isn't showing. Oh how the times are a changing. This is me at 18 weeks and having just eaten the Pioneer Woman's lasagna. Which is amazing, seriously, you need to make this recipe.

P.S. I have thrown out the sparkly, rainbow tube top as I am now a respectable lawyer and mother-to-be. And there is no way in hell that thing would fit me today.


  1. The sparkely top is PRICELESS! God I wish I would have met you way back then, I totally would have LOVED to borrow that!

  2. Sad, I loved that tube top. We wore many many questionable outfits, but they were sooo cute at the time!--EE