Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's A ........

Today I had an ultrasound at sixteen weeks. Usually one finds out the gender at twenty weeks so I was not sure if I would be able to find out the gender at this ultrasound. Unfortunately, Brady had a deposition today so he couldn't go. We decided if the ultrasound tech could tell the gender, I would have her write it down and put it in an envelope and we would read it together.

So I'm laying there on the table, covered in goo, and the tech says "oh I can tell the gender, do you want to know?" I was so close to saying "yes, tell me right now!" But instead I asked her to please write it down for me and put it in an envelope. Then I asked her how sure she was of it, she said "90-95% sure, it's pretty clear." Well, that totally convinced me it was a boy. I mean, that comment just wouldn't make sense if it was a girl. Brady has been completely convinced it is a boy the whole time, I was thinking girl. But with the tech's comment, I knew it was a boy.

The day dragged on forever and ever. Finally, Brady and I were both home. I handed him the envelope.

And here is Brady right after learning that he is going to have a SON in June. It's a BOY!!!!

And here I am at 16 weeks carrying my son. Ok, this may be more of me carrying the bag of cheddar potato chips I had as a late afternoon snack. But I promise you a baby is in there too.

And here is our baby boy. Aren't ultrasounds so freaky? I mean I can see his little bones. It's totally awesome but freaky too. Modern medical technology is just so strange.

I'm pretty sure this is the money shot although it isn't labeled. I'm not sure because I asked the tech not to point it out to me during the ultrasound and this shot was just included in the cd.

Brady and I are extremely excited about our little boy and that the ultrasound went well. I think Brady is already ordering his first little Michigan jersey. Mickey and I are definitely going to be outnumbered but I'm okay with that. Frank is such a momma's boy, I'm sure my son will be too.

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  1. OH MY GOD I almost started to cry YEA A BOY. And the little ultrasound it is just such an amazing thing that you are growing a human!!! Congrads to both of you.