Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Small Improvement

Today was decidedly much better than yesterday. Although unlike yesterday, someone actually went to the hospital today. The emergency room in fact.

You see, Stephanie doesn't get along very well with cabinets.

She appears to be having fun in a cabinet here. She's all blond curls, smiles, and cuteness. But cabinets don't actually like her. In fact they wish to do her harm.

Today while at work, Stephanie hit her head so hard on a cabinet, her supervisor sent her to the emergency room. The emergency room. For bonking her head on a cabinet. Stephanie had been bent over looking for something and one of the kids (she works at a daycare center) yelled that she could see Stephanie's tattoo. So Steph snapped upright to pull up her jeans and smacked her head into a cabinet. See kids, tattoos are dangerous.

Now she has to stay up all night and do laundry in order to avoid falling asleep with her mild concussion.

Poor Stephie!

1 comment:

  1. OH NO she is the most accident prone person I know!