Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Whole New World

I don't really mean for this to turn into a blog entirely about pregnancy. However, that is just where my life is right now. I could talk about my bulldogs, but I talk about them a lot. And they really just sleep a lot, they are not very exciting. I could talk about work but that would be pretty boring to everyone but the very small portion of the legal population who practice special education law. I could talk about Brady's work, but asbestos litigation is even more boring than special education law; and it's sad, people actually die in his cases.

So it's back to talking about being pregnant. One of the fun things about pregnancy is the shopping. You get to buy new clothes, buy lots of stuff for the baby, etc. For a shopoholic, it opens up a whole new world of shopping possibilities. Now don't say that I sound shallow. There are a lot of not fun things about being pregnant, like not feeling very good and the extreme amount of worrying about everything. Its only right that there is an outlet like retail therapy.
Last weekend I went shopping with my sister. We ran into my grandma and aunt at the mall who bought me shoes, clothes, and a cookie. I felt like a little kid again, it was a lot of fun!

I have not really started wearing maternity clothes because I don't really need to. With all the weight that I lost last summer, all my fat clothes have been fitting just fine. Plus I'm not really showing. But my grandma and aunt bought me my first maternity clothes.

I would totally wear this shirt not pregnant. In fact, I plan on wearing it well after the baby is here.

I thought this would be good for work, comfortable yet professional. The shirt has little black polka dots which I think are classy and fun, just like me, kind of.

The best thing about maternity clothes is how extremely comfortable they are. Seriously, I may never go back. Look at the stretchy panel on this skirt. I wish I had it for Thanksgiving. Every day I find another piece of clothing that doesn't fit. But now I have my skirt with a stretchy panel so I can relax and be comfy. I love shopping so I am definitely looking forward to buying more maternity clothes. I'm also excited to start legitimately showing because right now I just look like I'm carrying a spare tire around my waist.

And since I don't want to be completely consumed with talking about pregnancy here is Mickey sleeping like a little angel.

And my Frankie with his big, squishy face.

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